Youth Formation

The Children’s Gathering on the Square

The Children’s Gathering on the Square is a partnership between the Cathedral of St. Andrew and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on Queen Emma Street. Programs meet in rooms at the back of St. Peter’s Parish Hall.

Classes and Activities

For children in pre-school through grade 4:
The Godly Play* program is appropriate for children who are curious about bible stories they hear in church. It meets weekly in “The Loft” from approximately 9 am to 10 am on Sunday mornings.

Older children are welcome to assist as teachers’ aides with either group.

The complete list of topics for the 2019-2020 year may be found here. For more information regarding this program, contact Beth Young 808-236-2333.


Coming Up!

Godly Play, October 2019 Godly Play, October 2019

October 6 Animals and the Saints they loved

People recognized as Saints in the church, are often assigned patronage to special causes. A exceptionally faithful sailor may become associated with the lives of all sailors. At. Francis of Assisi is most commonly associated with the Godliness of animals and nature. St. Francis is said to have been able to communicate with wild animals, preach to birds and regarded the sun and moon as his brothers and sisters. This Sunday we will be introduced to several more saints and the people who loved them. This will be a work day in the Godly Play room. We will be making sturdy towns that will be given to animal shelters to ease the time as the creatures wait to be adopted or reunited with their owners.

October 13 The beginning of the story of Moses

The lesson of Moses tells how a baby is rescued from the Nile river by an Egyptian princess. The princess gives the baby protection and names him Moses, an Egyptian name that is translated by the Hebrew verb “to draw out.” Moses was drawn out of the reeds of the Nile by the daughter of the Pharaoh to later draw the people of God out of bondage in Egypt.

October 20 The ten best ways

Matthew 22:36-40

Today we hear the story of the 10 Best Ways to Live. We talk together about ... More…

Godly Play, September, 2019 Godly Play, September, 2019

September 8: Welcome and the Holy Family

Today in in the Godly Play room, we were presented with the story of The Holy Family. We heard of Mother Mary, the Father Joseph, and Jesus who we met both as a baby and a risen savior. In both forms, Jesus was, as he has been since, “reaching out to give the whole world a hug.” This is the first Sunday together as a group since the long summer season. We spent time getting reacquainted and began the new year’s stories.

September 15: The Beginning of the Creation Story: Genesis 1:1-2:3

“In the beginning…” The story today was our first story of Creation from the very first line of Genesis. Our bible has 2 Creation stories – the other is about Adam and Eve and a certain serpent. With the gift of each day, God said, ”It is good.” Recall with your child what was created on those first six days. Spend some time thinking about the 7th day when even God rested and gave us the gift of a day to remember all the gifts from the other days.

September 22: The Creation Story Continues

This Sunday we will revisit the story of creation. This time we will use picture books and see how different authors respond to the story. Creation is a huge story and over time there have been heated disagreements about exactly creation happened. Some feel that science does not support the creation ... More…