Youth Formation

The Children’s Gathering on the Square

The Children’s Gathering on the Square is a partnership between the Cathedral of St. Andrew and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on Queen Emma Street. Programs meet in rooms at the back of St. Peter’s Parish Hall.

Classes and Activities

For children in pre-school through grade 4:
The Godly Play* program is appropriate for children who are curious about bible stories they hear in church. It meets weekly in “The Loft” from approximately 9 am to 10 am on Sunday mornings.

Older children are welcome to assist as teachers’ aides with either group.

The complete list of topics for the 2019-2020 year may be found here. For more information regarding this program, contact Beth Young 808-236-2333.


Coming Up!

Godly Play, December, 2019 Godly Play, December, 2019

December 1: The Prophets

In anticipation of Advent,  we changed our colors on the altar and the calendar to blue, the color of patience and pondering, and light the first blue candle. People 2,000 years ago were waiting for a Messiah. On this Sunday before Advent, we remember the prophets who pointed us to Bethlehem, the city where King David had been born 1,000 years earlier. The prophets knew something special was to happen there. They told the people to “Pay Attention, for something amazing was to happen in the City of David.” Wonder as a family this week, how does it feel to wait when you are not quite sure what you are waiting for?

December 8: The Holy Family

Before our second Advent story, we light the second blue candle, and remember Mary and Joseph and their long and uncomfortable trip to Bethlehem when Mary was heavy with a baby inside. They must have been the last people to arrive in Bethlehem that night!

December 15: The Shepherds

We prepare for the third story of Advent by lighting two blue candles and a rose colored candle. The rose color is one of the colors we use to remember Jesus’ mother, Mary. But we also light the rose candle for this week to add a little joy to this dark time of Advent patience and pondering. We recall the angels announcement to the shepherds that night. “Get up and hurry to Bethlehem, for ... More…

Godly Play, November, 2019 Godly Play, November, 2019

November 3: The Communion of Saints

Today we hear the All Saints Story in celebration of All Saints Day (the day that follows All Hallows Eve!) In our Episcopal/Anglican tradition, we trust that each of us is a member of the Communion of Saints just by virtue of being one of God’s children. The symbol in the story is a mirror, an invitation to remember that God loves each of us just the way we are. And yet, we are called to try and be our best selves in everyday life. Saints in our tradition – St. Patrick, St. Nicholas, St. Valentine and so many more – are only part of the story. Wonder with your children who are the saints they know personally – the choice is theirs. Whom do they see as saints?

November 10: A Giving Thanks for Serviceservice project.

At the beginning of every Godly Play session we begin with prayer. We ask God to enter us and help to be aware of what we think and say, what we love and do. We ask God to make us “STRONG, really, really STRONG” for the work God calls us to do. This “work” sometimes called “service”. We will explore many ways we can do Gods work and respond by making “Thank you for your service” tokens of appreciation, to be given to members of the congregation.

November 17: The Circle of the Church Year

Our story today centered on the ... More…