Youth Formation

The Children’s Gathering on the Square

The Children’s Gathering on the Square is a partnership between the Cathedral of St. Andrew and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on Queen Emma Street. There are two programs, both of which meet in rooms at the back of St. Peter’s Parish Hall.

Classes and Activities

For children in pre-school through grade 4:
The Godly Play* program is appropriate for children who are curious about bible stories they hear in church. It meets weekly in “The Loft from approximately 9 am to 10 am on Sunday mornings.”

Children in grades 5 and up:
The Rock program is located in the “Son Room.” It meets once a month from about 9 to 10 am.

Older children are welcome to assist as teachers’ aides with either group.

For more information regarding either program, contact Beth Young 808-236-2333.

About Godly Play

Godly Play is based on the teachings and writings of Jerome W. Berryman, including Godly Play: An Imaginative Approach to Religious Education and other works.

This approach provides the tools for children’s journeys of faith: its space is inviting, and creates mystery and wonder. We are visually reminded it is a holy space. It invites touching things, yet it is clear there is something reverential about them. It is a quiet space that facilitates prayer and contemplation.

Godly Play can be a transformative experience for everyone involved, whatever their ages. We are lucky to have this program in partnership with St. Peter’s as the foundation of our Children’s Ministries at the Cathedral of St. Andrew.

To learn more: In-Depth Look at Godly Play

About The Rock

ROCK stands for Relationships, Outreach, Christ, Kids, and is an awesome group of 5th through 8th graders who meet in St. Peter’s “Son Room” one Sunday each month.

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photo: two boys engaged in Godly Play Work