Youth Formation

The Children’s Gathering on the Square

The Children’s Gathering on the Square is a partnership between the Cathedral of St. Andrew and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on Queen Emma Street. Programs meet in rooms at the back of St. Peter’s Parish Hall.

Classes and Activities

For children in pre-school through grade 4:
The Godly Play* program is appropriate for children who are curious about bible stories they hear in church. It meets weekly in “The Loft” from approximately 9 am to 10 am on Sunday mornings.

Older children are welcome to assist as teachers’ aides with either group.

The complete list of topics for the 2019-2020 year may be found here. For more information regarding this program, contact Beth Young 808-236-2333.


Coming Up!

Godly Play, March 2020Godly Play, March 2020

March 1: The story of the Holy Family and the Mystery of Easter

Our time together began with the story of the the Holy Family. We once again entered into the story of the Mother Mary, the Father Joseph, and Jesus who we met both as a baby and a risen savior. In both forms, Jesus was, as he has been since, “reaching out to give the whole world a hug.” Later we heard the story of The Mystery of Easter. We now hear this story on the Sunday before Lent begins, to remind us a change is coming, and we are about to enter another mystery. This time of waiting is like Advent but it is even longer, because it helps us get ready for is an even bigger mystery – Easter! The ‘story’ is a puzzle of 6 pieces in the shape of a cross to represent the 6 weeks of Lent. It is purple on one side, the color of waiting, royalty, and seriousness. On the other side, the puzzle is white, the color of pure celebration! That is the paradox of the season – it is both serious and somber but promises pure celebration in the resurrection.

March 8: The Story of St. Patrick

The Story of the life of St. Patrick tells of someone who traveled for God. People think they know all about St. Patrick, but there is much more to his life than most “St. Paddy’s ...


Godly Play, February 2020Godly Play, February 2020

February 2: The Story of St. Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth of Portugal was herself peaceful and made peace for God. Born around 1271 in Spain to a royal European family. At age 12, she married Dennis, the King of Portugal. Elizabeth did many good works, she cared for the poor and sick. Her most unique work was to plant pine trees all along the beaches in Portugal to keep the sand from blowing away. She bravely rode her donkey between two warring armies and brought peace to her kingdom.

February 9: The Story of St. Valentine

We celebrate the life of St. Valentine who loved for God. Valentine was executed on February 14, 270. The practice of sending love messages on February 14 originated in part from the story of Valentines’ note to the jailer’s blind daughter. This day celebrates love and commemorates Valentines life.

February 16: The Story of Queen Emma

Queen Emma (Young-Rooke) and her husband King Kamahamaha IV (Alexander Lilholiho) have been recognized by the Episcopal church as having lived extraordinarily lives. The King and Queen were tireless in their efforts on behalf of the Hawaiian people. Queen Emma lost her only child when he was about 3 years old and the King died a short while later. Broken-hearted, Queen Emma continued her efforts to help the Hawaiian people until her death some years later. The King and Queen Emma are credited with the creation of the hospital that would become “Queens Hospital,” ...