Update on Fr. Sandy Graham and Peter Pereira

Note: Peter Pereira has been the Diocesan Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer since 1997, and is much beloved in the diocese. In recent years, he has suffered from kidney problems, and has been hoping for a kidney transplant. The Diocese announced in January that a doner had been found, none other than Diocesan Canon for Congregational Life and Leadership [Alexander] Sandy Graham. The surgery was performed in late January.

Rev. Cn. Alexander Graham

Fr. Sandy writes:

I first would like to thank all of you who have been holding Peter and me in your prayers and for the cards and notes of encouragement! It is humbling to be connected to such a community of love and concern.

I asked Peter what I might share with you all, and he reports that the kidney is functioning really well, and that his challenges now come mostly from side effects related to the immunosuppressant drugs (fluctuating blood pressure, low red blood cells and hemoglobin) and from having to watch sugar and overall diet. He reports that he is sleeping much better.

Personally, I am mostly back in the office. I still have some physical restrictions for a set time (no lifting anything over ten pounds yet, I’m not back to biking into the office, and I’m not allowed to immerse in water/swim in the ocean yet!) and occasionally I wear out as my energy lags before the end of the day, all of which I understand is completely normal. The surgeon is confident enough in my recovery that I don’t have another appointment with him until July.

Again, MAHALO for all of your support and your prayers.