Social Justice Ministries

Na Paahao O Hawai‘i (The Prisoners of Hawai‘i)

The prison ministries and prison reform initiative of the Hawai‘i Diocese of the Episcopal Church, promoting rehabilitation, restoration, and therapeutic programs through research, re-education, advocacy, and community organization.

Based on new awareness and learnings as well as courageous voices and visions that have evolved over time, the movement of reforming both the prisons and the criminal justice system in Hawai‘i is here. The time has come for everyone to review and reassess the past, and begin the long process of education and advocacy in order to begin to reform and make new, just, and more merciful the prison and criminal justice system of Hawai‘i.

“Second Sunday”

Social Justice forums invite speakers from various groups in the community dealing with social justice issues such as immigration challenges, homelessness, sex/labor trafficking, etc.

FACE: Faith Action for Community Equity

A grassroots, interfaith non-profit driven by a deep spiritual commitment to improving the quality of life for all the people of Hawai‘i. Through common values and collective power, we address the root causes of social-justice challenges facing our community.

Makahiki Celebration

A program that helps prepare a prison group to celebrate Makahiki, a four-month festival that punctuated the yearly farming cycle in ancient Hawaiʻi. Celebrating harvest and Lono, the Hawaiian god associated with rain and fecundity, Makahiki marked a temporary halt to activities of war and occasioned lesser changes in many other daily routines.


photo: circle at Makahiki celebration

Posts related to social justice

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Second Sundays Social Justice Series welcomes lawyer, writer, artist, and teacher Sonny Ganaden August 10, 2017 In 2012, Sonny was the lead writer of the Native Hawaiian Justice Task Force Report, delivered to the legislature in 2013. He is an instructor in the Ethnic Studies and American Studies departments at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, ... More...

Second Sundays Social Justice Forum July 6, 2017 This Sunday, July 9, the “Second Sundays Social Justice Series” is honored to host Kim Coco Iwamoto from 9:30-10:20 in the Von Holt Room. Kim Coco will share her perspectives on housing discrimination on Oahu and factors that cause a shortage ... More...

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