Policy for Use of the Cathedral Organ

The Cathedral Organ is an instrument of huge value both historically and financially. For the protection of the organ, its usage has to be strictly controlled. The Director of Music has the ultimate jurisdiction on whether it may be used or played for services and events, and will require the credentials of the proposed organist to be submitted for approval.

The Cathedral Director of Music, as well as assisting organists and substitutes who have been previously approved by the Director of Music, are permitted to play the organ for rehearsals, services and at other events, without further permission being obtained, within the limitations of Cathedral calendar of activities.

Resident organists previously approved by the Director of Music may play for events that are arranged by outside organizations, e.g. Concerts, Award Ceremonies, Weddings, Funerals and Diocesan Events. If an organization wishes to bring their own organist, then the name and credentials of the organist must be supplied at the time of booking, for approval of the Director of Music. A bench fee of $250 will be charged for any outside organization using the organ.

For all events, concerts and services, specific permission is required to book, use or play the instrument. Requests for permission to use the Organ should be submitted to the Director of Music.

Individuals who request to play the organ on a personal basis may be allocated one or more one-hour sessions at a time mutually convenient to the Director of Music and the individual, subject to approval based on the individual’s credentials. The session will be booked into the Cathedral diary. These one-hour sessions will be supervised by the Director, and individuals will be charged $150 to go toward the upkeep of the Cathedral organ.

You may contact the Director of Music at the Cathedral by phone +1 808 524-2822.