photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki, October 16, 2019

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

Monday was Indigenous People’s Day (aka Discover’s Day) and so I got to spend the day at home because the office was closed. And other than preparing a sermon for this coming Sunday, I took the day off. It was an interesting spiritual exercise for me and I recalled how when I was in seminary I had a spiritual director who gave me the homework assignment of sitting in my chair once a day for 20 minutes and doing nothing. It was the hardest assignment I ever received and the difficulty of just being rose to the surface again on Monday. I often feel like if I’m not doing something, I’m not worthy. But perhaps God is looking for something in addition to the work I do. Perhaps God is looking to be in relationship and for me, the only way to really bring that to effect is to sit in stillness. The problem is that when I do that, I get into the monkey brain and my mind stirs, wanders, and stews. When I was in the Philippines last year and explained this to the nun who was my spiritual director for my eight day silent retreat, she told me that when my mind begins to wander the best thing to do would be to say a decade of the rosary. And when my mind wandered on Monday, that’s exactly what I did and the result was a very gentle sense of peace that carried me not only through the day but also into my dreams. I got a very good night’s sleep that night.

And then life goes on.

Values Based Budgeting
Please remember that on Wednesday at 5:30 PM in the Von Holt Room, the Stewardship Committee will be hosting a session on values-based budgeting. I will lead the session. We will begin with Eucharist at 5:30, serve dinner, and hold the session while we eat. I’ve gone over the materials to prepare for Wednesday evening and I found them very valuable for me personally and they got me to really think about my temporal and spiritual priorities.

Princess Ka’iulani
Please remember that at the 8:00 service on Sunday we will honor Princess Ka’iulani. We will also honor her that evening with Evensong at 5:30 in the Cathedral sanctuary. As you know, Princess Ka’iulani is an important historical figure in the life of the Cathedral. One of our stained glass windows was given in her honor and she was a member of the congregation and the Cathedral conducted her funeral services and burial.

Orvis Foundation
I am very excited to report that we applied for a grant with the Orvis foundation to fund our choral scholars at 8:00 and 10:30 as well as at our Evensongs. I just got word that we were awarded the grant and I picked up the check on Tuesday afternoon. Please see the attached photo of Ruth Bingham and me at the University of Hawaii where I went to gratefully accept the check.

Diocesan Convention
On Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26 the Cathedral will host the Diocese of Hawaii at its annual education day as well as at the Annual Meeting of the Diocesan Convention, which will be held in the Tenney Theater. The Diocesan Convention is where we elect people who serve on various diocesan entities like the Diocesan Council and the Standing Committee. At this Diocesan Convention, we will also be electing representatives to the General Convention which will be held in Baltimore, Maryland next year. As many of you know, I have served as Secretary for the Diocesan Convention since my first year as the Rector at Holy Apostles in Hilo. This will be my ninth year as Secretary and I have decided not to stand again for the position, because I know that there are other capable people in the Diocese who would enjoy serving in this capacity and I would like to make room for that. I also have decided not to stand for Deputy to General Convention. I have gone three times and chaired the deputation twice. Again, I think it is important to make room for other people to serve.

My Week
Even though this is a short week, it will be full. On Monday morning I prepared a sermon for this coming Sunday to honor Princess Ka’iulani. On Tuesday I made a pastoral call, met with my prayer partner, met with the Interim Music Director, offered pastoral counseling, went over the final draft of the employee handbook, met with Ruth Bingham from the Orvis Music Foundation to receive their grant award, and then met with the Personnel Committee. On Wednesday I presided at 1130 Eucharist, met with Father Keleawe, had a staff meeting, and then will lead the session on values based budgeting. On Thursday, I will meet with Ramona and Casey to update the punch list that we have set up to address issues on the buildings and grounds, attend a World AIDS Day planning meeting, meet with a parishioner who has requested pastoral counseling, and then go up to Nu’uanu Memorial for the first anniversary of the death of Connie and Sophia Wharton, followed by dinner. In my down time on Thursday I will continue to take care of correspondence and the like. On Friday I am going to fly to Hilo to visit with my grandmother. I will only be gone for the day. And on Saturday I will attend a meeting of the Diocesan Council (I also serve as Secretary for this entity) before presiding at the Eucharist at 5:30. Then on Sunday I will preach and preside at all three morning services and then prepare a sermon for the following Sunday before going back to the Cathedral to preside/officiate at Evensong. Needless to say, It will be a full and busy week.

I look forward to seeing you at some point during our worship offerings on Saturday or Sunday. Please take care until then.