photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki, November 20, 2019

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

Monday evening was quite a night. I had gone to bed and was fast asleep when I was jolted awake by the sound of thunder with flashes of lightning. Then the rain began to fall, making me feel cleansed along with the city of Honolulu. When I’m in the middle of a thunderstorm like that, I always realize how small I am in the grand scheme of things. But then I also realize that I have a personal relationship with God and that God in God’s great vastness longs to minister to me in a deep and personal way – along with the other 7 1/2 billion people on this planet. And that makes me realize how blessed I am – blessed by my relationship with God and blessed by my relationship with all of you. I am deeply grateful.

And in the midst of those blessings the Cathedral has a very busy life of mission and ministry, some of which I will outline below.

Please remember that we do have new parking signs up on the half circle and that those parking spaces are set aside for those of you who come to the Cathedral for Cathedral business. We have had to take the unfortunate step of asking people to procure parking passes from the office. If you know in advance that you are coming to the Cathedral and don’t want to come into the office to get a pass, we can also have one emailed to you upon request. The reason for taking this step is that people who are not connected to the Cathedral or who do not have Cathedral business here have figured out that they can park without having to pay a parking fee in our lot and they are taking advantage of us, as well as depriving spaces for bona fide Cathedral business. We will ask Diamond Parking to begin issuing citations to folks without parking passes beginning December 2. Thank you so much for understanding.

In-Gathering of Pledge Commitments
We will have the in-gathering of our pledge commitments on this Sunday, November 24, which is also our Feast of the Holy Sovereigns. It seems an appropriate day to express our gratitude for the gifts that God has given us by affirming our commitments to the Cathedral’s mission and ministry for the coming year. To date, we have 75 units for a total of $164,937. Thank you very much to those of you who have turned in your pledge cards. Please know that I am most grateful to you.

Feast of the Holy Sovereigns
Please remember that this coming Sunday is the Feast of the Holy Sovereigns where we honor our founders. Bishop Fitzpatrick will be with us at all three services on Sunday morning to preach and the Royal Civic Societies will be with us once again at our 8:00 A.M. service.

Blessing of the Icon
At 8 o’clock on Sunday morning, we will also ask Bishop Fitzpatrick to bless our refurbished original icon in the Wahi Kapu. We will also have special prayer cards available on that day. Please understand that we will only be able to give away one prayer card per person and may be able to make provisions to have you order more after November 25 (Monday).

Thanksgiving Day Service
Please remember that we will have a service on Thanksgiving day (November 28) in the Cathedral sanctuary at 10:00 AM with Holy Communion and music.

The time has come to let everyone know that Ramona Simmons will be retiring at the end of the year. She will be relocating to Memphis, Tennessee and has made plans to attend the 8 o’clock service on December 22 so that she can be available between the two services to say goodbye to folks. The staff is also holding it an aloha party for her in the Manger at 11:30 on December 27 and anyone who would like to stop in on what will be her last day is invited and encouraged to do so.

Please note that on December 1 you will have a new worship booklet for the season of Advent. There will be a few changes in the service, so please don’t be alarmed.

Cathedral Foundation
The next scheduled meeting of the Cathedral Foundation is in January, and we are calling a special meeting in December 17 to clarify the allocating of restricted funds. The meeting is pro forma, and as I am required to give you two weeks notice before any meeting of the Foundation, I am doing so via this letter to you.

That is all I have for this week. Until we see one another at worship this weekend, please take care.