photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki May 6, 2020

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

As I write to you this morning, I am sitting in the Cathedral sanctuary looking up at the altar and the wood roses in front of the cross. It is wonderful to be back in the cathedral and I mindful of a comment that Theone Vredenburg made to me several years ago when she said, “When I sit in the cathedral I can feel the prayers of every person who has ever sat and prayed there.” Your prayers and your joining me for virtual worship have sustained me through this challenging time and I am grateful to you for that.

With that in mind, I do have some things that I would like to tell you about this week and I will outline them below.

Mother Pictures
Please remember to send in photos of any mothers that you would like to honor on Mother’s Day during our Sunday virtual worship. I’ll string them together into some kind of video presentation for you and if I could have them by 6 PM on Friday evening, I would be most grateful. You may text them to me or send them to me by email. Thank you so much.

Mask Video
Last week Sunday we had a video of Cathedral folks in their masks and it was very well received and then shared with the wider Diocese. If you missed the video, please take a look at the link provided here.

Sunday Worship
Please remember that when we return to impress in gatherings for worship on Sundays, whenever that may be, that our service time will move from 10:30 AM to 10:00 AM. The service times for 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM will stay the same for the time being. This is to ensure cohesiveness with other worshiping congregations on Queen Emma Square.

Virtual Worship
As many of you know, we have returned to the Cathedral sanctuary itself to record and broadcast our virtual worship. This is nice, because we can also have the readers come in to do their readings in person if they’d like. I reached out to the mayor’s office and got an exemption to broadcast from the Cathedral and I am very grateful for that. Please remember to join us at 9 AM on weekdays and 10 AM on Sundays. As you know, we take Saturdays as a Sabbath.

Wally House
The Cathedral is collaborating with St. Elizabeth’s in Palama and their Wally House ministry, and our Outreach Committee needs your help in making sandwiches, which you can do from your home. Please contact Barbara Service if you are willing to lend a hand.

Pastoral Concerns
Because this can be a difficult time for many people, we want to assure you that the Cathedral is available to you for pastoral care and that you can reach out to Fr. Keleawe if you have any needs, or if you simply wish to just talk or connect.

Mahalo for Your Generosity
I want to say thank you again for your generosity and continuing to contribute to the Cathedral both online and by check. We greatly appreciate your contributions, especially because the Cathedral staff are all still working – some from the Cathedral itself and some from home.

Please continue to stay safe and prayerful as we continue our isolation and remember please to join us for our call to prayer at 7:00 PM every night for three minutes of silence followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

Peace to you all,