photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki May 2, 2018

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

I am writing to you on what is turning out to be a very wet morning. And as I look out my window, I think of the waters of my baptism and what they call me to do as a disciple of Jesus: to love God and to love my neighbor. And I realize that in order to do that, I also have to love myself. And so since Lent, I have been trying to carve out 20 minutes to half an hour every morning to ask for God’s grace and also to ask God to show me where I should be grateful. I’m amazed at the answers that I get when I sit and listen and I am grateful for all of you.

Queen Emma Square
Yesterday afternoon a group of constituents from Queen Emma Square (St. Peter’s, St. Paul’s, St. Andrew’s Schools, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, and the Diocese of Hawaii) met in the diocesan conference room in an effort to figure out ways we can work together not only to benefit each of our individual entities, but also the wider community.

It was interesting to sit together and ponder how history unfolded in such a way that three Episcopal congregations ended up in such close proximity to one another. And it was exciting to think about how history might unfold it in such a way that we can work together in mission and ministry. I think a good starting point would be to ask ourselves what opportunities are being presented to us and how we are called by God to embrace those opportunities.

The Fountain
In the meantime we have present-day issues to address. Many of you have noted that the fountain has not been operating and we are in the midst of addressing the water pump. The first problem was electrical, and we brought in an electrician to fix that aspect of the pump. The second problem is a plumbing issue, because the pipes are old and they leak. We expect to have a plumber in within the week to fix the pipes that are leaking and then the fountain should be operational again. Right now we are turning it on for three hours a day to keep all the moving parts working, but if we leave it on longer than that, the pit in which the pump is housed will fill with water.

Memorial Building Roof
We have had three roofers come in to give us estimates to do the roof over the Memorial Building. Once we have received our quotes, I will work with the wardens, the staff, and the Treasurer to make a recommendation to Bishop Fitzpatrick and the Cathedral Chapter about to how to proceed.

The roof was something that I thought would be tackled after five years of my being with you, but we (the Treasurer, the Bookkeeper, and I) feel that we have the funds now to address the need. You’ll note that we have experienced net income in the reporting of the financials over, and we have put much of that net in come into capital reserves. This means that we can now meet the needs of the Memorial Building roof. The other reason we are able to do this is that you all stepped up to the plate and we had an increase in pledge income in 2018. Again and again, I thank you all ever so much.

Altar Guild
A couple of weeks back I had a meeting with the Cathedral Altar Guild and I would like to put out a plea for people in the congregation to prayerfully consider joining this ministry. We need help. Please know that participation in the Altar Guild is not limited to women and that when I lived and worked in Guam and attended St. John’s Church Tumon Bay, I was a member of the Altar Guild along with two other men. Please let me know if you are willing to serve. In the meantime, I will arrange a no-strings-attached training for anyone who feels called to this ministry. Date TBD.

Ordinations to the Transitional Diaconate
On Saturday, June 9 at 10:00AM, Bishop Fitzpatrick will ordain six people, including two people put forth by the Cathedral (Ha`aheo Guanson and Chris Bridges), in the Cathedral sanctuary. Please join the diocese in lending your support to those who will be ordained to the transitional diaconate (which means that later down the line, God willing and the people consenting, they will be ordained to the priesthood).

My Week
Over the weekend, we had 265 people attend services at the Cathedral, including high school students from Bowie High School Choir in Austin Texas who lent their voices to the 10:30 service. Thank you, Todd, for arranging this wonderful and beautiful offering of music.

Last week Thursday I had a morning meeting with the staff, met a sound expert in the Cathedral who will provide us with a quote for a sound system, met the mother of a child who would like to have him baptized in the Cathedral, and then made an offsite pastoral visit. On Friday I came into the office in the morning to deal with correspondence and then took the afternoon off. On Saturday, of course, I presided at the 5:30 service. Then I presided at all three services on Sunday morning, and came home and began working on a sermon for this coming Sunday. On Monday morning I met with the Treasurer and Bookkeeper to receive a weekly report on the financial condition of the Cathedral (which is good). I also learned that the average monthly cost of our electricity, water, and security is roughly $17,500. On Tuesday (yesterday), I had individual meetings with staff members, answered emails, took care written correspondence, approved invoices, worked on revisions of my sermon, made various phone calls, and then attended the Queen Emma Square meeting of which I spoke earlier. Today will be a full day. It begins with my writing this letter to you, meeting with Ha`aheo to work with her on presiding at the Eucharist, then I will preside at the 11:30 Eucharist, meet with Bryan so that he can update me on matters regarding the facilities, meet with Father Albano to discuss the relationship between St. Andrew’s Cathedral and St. Paul’s Church, meet with the staff, meet with Bishop Fitzpatrick, and then meet with a clergy colleague. Tomorrow I will prepare my weekly report to Bishop Fitzpatrick and then another report to the wardens. I will also have my weekly meeting with Todd, and another offsite pastoral call. On Friday I will do a presentation in the Cathedral for the International Hospitality Center and will tell high school exchange students from around the world about the Episcopal Church, our diocese, Queen Emma, and the Cathedral. Then on Friday evening, I have a dinner engagement with a clergy colleague.

I look forward to seeing you all at one of our worship offerings. Until then, please take care.

Moki +

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