photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki, May 13, 2020

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

Even though the doors are closed and we still can’t go in for public worship, the Cathedral Close and Queen Emma Square are slowly coming back to life. The parking lot is full. The yard crew and the custodial services have been making regular visits. And as of yesterday, the office is back in full swing and operational with a full staff present.

And in the midst of that resurrection, we continue to honor the norms that are in place for social distancing as well as forgoing large group gatherings. There are some things that will have to remain virtual like worship, Bible study, book group, and other meetings. Mah-jongg and the choir will remain on hiatus until we discern how we are going to move forward with those ministries.

Those of you who saw Bishop Fitzpatrick’s message on Monday know that he has charged us with considering some sort of virtual worship offering on a permanent basis for those who still will not be able to attend services in person because they are at high risk. As such, we are going to look into more professional ways of providing virtual worship services, rather than the current practice of yoga blocks and thumbtacks and cell phone cameras and the like.

In the meantime, we had a wonderful Mother’s Day, and many of you have indicated that you would like access to the video that we were presented, so it is available here. In addition, people have been so generous in their giving. Please know that anyone can contribute by check or online here; thank you so much. And, as I mentioned, the entire staff is working out of the Cathedral office and if you plan to come down for any kind of business, please be sure to call, let us know, and make an appointment. Finally, life does indeed go on, and yesterday Casey, our Cathedral Sexton, married his bride Shawna. As many of you know, they are expecting the arrival of their daughter in September. Please join the staff and me in congratulating Casey and Shawna and sending best wishes their way.

Please continue to stay safe and prayerful as we continue our isolation and remember please to join us for our call to prayer at 7:00 PM every night for three minutes of silence followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

Peace to you all,