photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki, June 19, 2019

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

The Cathedral is abuzz with children as we have campers from Camp Mokuleia’s urban summer camp on the premises for the week. It’s really nice, and the Cathedral has a different vibe with the energy of youth under the tent, on the lawn, and in the Von Holt Room. And at last Saturday afternoon’s Eucharist I also had the experience of kids.

First of all, I baptized Natalie whom I taught in the fourth grade and who just graduated from the Priory. She wanted to be baptized in the cathedral where she has worshiped in school chapels for the last 13 years before she goes off to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. And at that service I had little Harry Kusunoki offering to help me, and I couldn’t help but have the feeling that Queen Emma was looking down on all of it and feeling pleased that for this particular time, when we’ve been infused with presence of young people. It’s been a real gift to us.

Paulie Keakealani Jennings
I received word yesterday that Aunty Paulie Jennings died peacefully at Queens Hospital on Monday evening. I have spoken with members of her family and we have tentatively scheduled a funeral service here in the Cathedral for Saturday, July 27 at 10:00 AM, with visitation at 9:00 AM. This photo shows Auntie Paulie reading one of my sermons at the Lunalilo Home in Hawaii Kai. In the past, she often vetted my sermons for Hawaiian content.

Please know that I will be putting out a plea to members of the congregation to help with the set up and clean up for a reception in Davies Hall and I’d appreciate it very much if you would consider lending a hand. As we move forward, I think that this will be a vital ministry when we have funerals, ordinations, and other events.

Arakawa/McPeek Ordination
Bishop Fitzpatrick will ordain Andrew Arakawa and Steve McPeek to the transitional diaconate this coming Saturday at 10:00 AM, with a Cathedral-sponsored reception to follow. Thank you to the many of you who have signed up to help with the reception for this event. I am most grateful and I know that Andrew and Steve are as well.

Todd on Vacation
Todd, our Director of Music, will be away for the next three Sundays and we have the privilege of Leohone Magno’s being with us for our 8:00 and 10:30 services. The Hawaiian choir will be at the 8:00 service and Cathedral Choir and Orvis Music Scholars are on hiatus for the next three weeks and we will have congregational singing at 10:30. Having said that, Todd has arranged for a handbell choir to be with us on June 30 and I very much look forward to that.

Discerning Spiritual Gifts
Our Wednesday evening session on discerning spiritual gifts was very engaging and there were some interesting discoveries from the group. Please know that Fr. Hee will be offering another session sometime during the daytime hours for those of you who would like to refrain from driving at night. The time for this offering is to be determined and we will let you know as things progress.

Prayer Circle
I would like to develop a prayer circle here at the Cathedral. The way this would work it is I would have people who are willing be part of the prayer circle and email chain as well as a text message chain. When something arises, I will send out a quick message and ask all the people in the circle to hold the matter up in prayer. If this is something that you would like to take part in, please send me an email message with your email and cell phone number. This is something I will start right away.

Closing Thoughts
That’s all I have for this week. Until we see one another and worship, please take care.


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