Message from Fr. Moki, June 11, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

As I write, I find it hard to believe that it is the middle of the week already.  As they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”  And I am having fun.  Our services over the weekend were very grounding and joy-filled for me and I was delighted to have Bishop Fitzpatrick join us in his cathedral and the music offerings that Todd selected made for a resounding Pentecost Sunday.  I am very grateful.

I’m also having fun working with Jasmine Bostock, our seminary intern who started her time with us on Tuesday morning.  Jasmine just finished her middle year (second of three years) at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut and she is with us for three weeks to learn about ministry in a downtown cathedral versus a congregation like her home parish of St. James, which is rural and in Waimea.  It is worth noting that St. James is also my home parish.  You will have the opportunity to meet Jasmine this weekend when she will be with us for all four services (Saturday evening and Sunday morning).

The Cathedral is abuzz as we prepare for the wedding of JaR Pasalo and Annalise Castro on Wednesday morning.  Please bear in mind that this will result in a few scheduling changes in our week, including the cancellation of Wednesday morning’s Eucharist in the Parke Chapel at 11:30.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

This week we also have auditors with us from Carr, Gouveia CPAs, Inc. to conduct the annual Cathedral audit.  They have taken up residence in the Manger for the week and I thank Julia Jackson and Mary Ellen Williams for their hard work in ensuring a smooth audit process this week.

I’d also like to give a “shout-out” to Ann Hansen this week.  Ann has been in the Hawaiian choir for a number of years and this Sunday will be her last Sunday in that choir so that she can focus on her ministry as Verger at the 10:30 service.  Mahalo Ann for lifting up your voice in the choir and giving glory to God and we know you will continue to do as our 10:30 Verger

Finally, last week I pointed out that I do not receive free housing at the Cluett Apartments and that I pay rent in the amount of $1250 a month from my personal funds.  Please note that clergy do receive a housing allowance as part of their total compensation, and vestries and chapters take whatever portion of the total compensation the priest requests to set aside as a housing allowance for tax purposes.  For 2017 I have asked the Cathedral Chapter to set aside $20,000 of my total compensation as housing.  That part of my compensation is exempt from taxes.  The rest is not.  Please know that this $20,000 is part of my pay and not above and beyond it.  I was asked by several of you to clarify this on Sunday and I hope this explanation helps.

Until this weekend when we see one another at worship, please take care.