photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki, July 10, 2019

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

As you know, I was away last week in my childhood home in Guam where I was born and lived until I was 17 years of age and moved back to Hawaii with my grandparents to do my senior year at Honokaa High. I also went back to Guam as an adult to live and work from 1995 to 2001.

Sunset from Camp Roxas Today

It was interesting to go back for three days. I find that while much has changed, much has also stayed the same. When I was a kid, we had a main road with two lanes. Now that same road is six lanes wide. As a little boy I remember the Hilton and Okura Hotels. Now there’s a Marriott, a Westin, an Outrigger, a Dusit Thani, and a Nikko. And yet, the ocean is still sapphire blue, the sunsets are exquisite, and the weather is

Camp Roxas Quonset Hut

HOT! I had a wonderful time visiting with friends, shopping and taking in an exhibit at the Guam Museum that shows how Camp Roxas, the company my grandfather ran, fits into Guam’s post-war history. My grandpa ran a company that provided labor from the Philippines to the US Navy, many of whom were responsible for rebuilding the island after it was heavily bombed in an effort to liberate it from the Imperial Army of Japan in 1944. I was born and raised on Camp Roxas and proud to have a small part and piece in the island’s history.

Daughters of the King
I would like to thank the Susan Anderson and the Daughters of the King. I got word from them earlier in the week to let me know that the Cathedral staff and I were on their prayer list as well as the prayer concerns of the Cathedral community that is gleaned from our prayer list. I was touched to know that my staff and I are regularly held in prayer and I am most grateful. Please know that I also carve out time each day to spend in prayer for the Cathedral as well as to sit with Scripture. I find it grounds me for the day and I hope that you all make time to be and bask in the presence of God as well.

Aunty Paulie Jennings
Funeral services for Aunty Paulie Jennings are set for Saturday, July 27 at 10:00 am, with visitation at 9:00 am. A reception will follow under the Diamond Head Tent. Aunty Vicky Hollinger has also agreed to come with her guitar to sing during the visitation and anyone who would like to lend his/her voice for part or all of that time is welcome to join in the way we did for Kilani Ventura’s service. We will also have a signup sheet out to ask for help setting up, manning and cleaning up after the reception. Mahalo nui loa in advance for your willingness to help out.

Clergy Away
Keleawe will be away in Seattle from Wednesday this week through Tuesday next week. I will be preaching and presiding at all services this weekend, including the Evensong at 5:30 on Sunday. Then on Wednesday I head to Hawaii Island to be with my family, when my grandmother will be the Grand Marshall at the Honokaa High School 130th Anniversary celebration. Gram is one of two people still living from the school’s first senior class. Up until 1938, the school did not go to the 12th grade. I will be back to do the Sunday services on July 21st.

Please remember that the Orvis Music Scholars and Cathedral Choir will offer Evensong on Sunday, July 14th at 5:30PM to honor The Reverend Samson Occum, who was the first Native American ordained Christian minister. The music will include the Magnificat by Martin How, Nunc Dimittis by David Hurd, the sachem “Say, radiant seraphs, throned in light” by Oliver Holden (with text by Samson Occum), and the Voluntary in D Major by William Selby. Please join us. See more information here.

That is all I have for this week. I look forward to seeing you at one of our worship offerings this weekend. Please take care until then.