photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki, January 9, 2019

Dear Cathedral Ohana:
I went to Sunday services this week and discovered that there were beautiful trellises over the benches that are beside the columbarium. Father Hee planted Pakalana that are already beginning to climb up through the lattice. When I went back on Monday morning, I noticed that the vines had gotten further along and were working their way upward and toward the light. So I sat on the bench for awhile and looked up and beyond the roofline of the sanctuary and at the beautiful clouds overhead. It put me in a wonderful frame of mind, and in an interesting way, it helped me to be in the present moment because I felt myself as part of something very grand, vast, and beautiful. The contemporary Christian writer Anne Lamott has been quoted as saying that we need to look up more often. When I think about that, I realize that it helps us to put things in perspective because I understand it a different way that I am part of the Kingdom of God and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude at that notion.
And then the time came for me to put my eyes back toward the ground, get off the bench, and into my week. And I saw that is a blessing.
As I write to you on Wednesday, my week has been very full already with meetings and interesting conversations, preparing a sermon for this Sunday, working with the staff, looking at issues of buildings and grounds, and remembering to spend time in prayer.
Worship Booklets  
On Sunday morning we tried out the new worship booklets, and my sense is that they worked well for us. This week we’ve decided to take the readings that were inserted and put them in a larger font.
Sound System
This afternoon I am going to meet with the staff and Fred Li so that we can get training on the new sound system . As many of you know, there are some glitches that need to be sorted out, including connection to the hearing devices that some of you like to use. I thank you so much for your patience as we try to address these matters.
Last Sunday’s Worship
We had 230 people attend our Eucharists this weekend. I’d also like to let you know that we had almost 50 people attend our Evensong on Sunday where we observed the Feast of the Epiphany. The music was outstanding, and it created a wonderful and prayerful space for us to feel the presence of God as we worshiped. I’m sure those of you that attended would agree. We also had a wonderful Ali’i Sunday to honor Queen Emma at the 8:00 service with the Royal Civic Societies in attendance.
My Week
On Saturday, I went in and preached in presided at the 5:30 service and then came back on Sunday morning to preach and preside at all three services. Then I went home and worked a bit on this sermon before going back to officiate at the 5:30 PM Evensong. On Monday morning I met with the new Cathedral auditors who are going to undertake their work beginning in April. I also met with the nominating committee of the chapter to come up with the slate of candidates at our annual meeting to fill Chapter vacancies as well as to elect delegates to the diocesan convention here in Honolulu in October. On Tuesday morning I had pastoral care matters to tend to and then met with Father Hee, then met with representatives of Queen Emma Square, then conducted a spiritual direction session, and then had another counseling session. In between my meetings with people on Tuesday I took care of correspondence and worked to get inserts read ready for this coming Sunday. Today I will meet with a contractor and we’re going to climb up onto the roof to take a look at whether or not there may be termites and/or rot under the roof over the Memorial Building. Then I will preach and preside at 11:30 Eucharist, then conduct a staff meeting, then have sound system training, and then I am going to meet with my prayer partner. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a parishioner who has asked to come in and talk, and then I will have my weekly meeting with Todd, meet with a family to discuss baptizing their child, and then we will have a meeting of the worship committee. On Saturday, many of us in the Diocese will drive out to Waianae to attend the ordination of Mark Haworth to the priesthood. It is sure to be a wonderful occasion and I ask that you send prayers his way for a good ordination day and a fruitful ministry afterwards. In the midst of this, I will also take time to continue working on my sermon for this Sunday. I will preach and preside at 5:30 PM, 8:00 AM, and 10:30 AM. Father Hee will preach and preside at 7:00 AM.
That is all I have for this week. Until we see each other at worship, please take care.


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