photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki, August 7, 2019

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

Feast of the Transfiguration
Yesterday (August 6th) was not only the Feast of the Transfiguration and Brad and Aggy Kusunoki’s wedding anniversary, but also the 74th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. I have many, many connections to that event. I lived and worked in Hiroshima from 1990 to 1992 as a pre school English teacher for the Hiroshima YMCA, and my tiny six-tatami apartment was only half a mile from the epicenter. And like many Japanese-Americans from Hawaii, I had relatives who were there on the day the bomb fell, and it was rough for my family to have family on both sides of the war. And as many of you know, the name of the plane that dropped the bomb was Enola Gay and it took off from the island of Tinian, just north of Guam where I spent my childhood. My paternal grandparents and my father lived on Tinian when they were with the Trust Territory government in the 1960s. 74 years later, I feel that we still need to pray for peace—that peace of God that passes all understanding. So, today I ask that you take some time to stop, close your eyes, and say a simple prayer for world peace.

On Friday I will be participating at a memorial for Nagasaki at Myoshin Temple on Nuuanu Avenue (see article below). I was in Nagasaki last year and found the experience to be very moving, not only because of the atomic bomb there, but also because it is the sight where the 26 Martyrs of Japan were slain. It always strikes me how people are willing to die for their faith and I truly believe that we rest on the laurels of their sacrifices for us.

Bishop Fitzpatrick’s Annual Visit to his Cathedral
This past weekend we had the honor of having Bishop Fitzpatrick with us in his Cathedral for all four services where he preached and presided. Congratulations go out to our confirmands at the 10:30 service. Bishop Fitzpatrick is scheduled to be with us again at the Feast of the Holy Sovereigns in November as well as Christmas Eve in December.

This Coming Sunday
This coming Sunday I plan to preach on the Old Testament reading (Genesis 15:1-6). In that sermon I plan to reference the first sermon that I ever preached at the Cathedral, and it happened to be on the same passage. Here is the text of that first sermon for anyone who might like a reminder of what I said.

Closing Thoughts

That is all I have for this week. I look forward to seeing you at worship this weekend. Please take care until then.