photo: Fr. Moki Hino, The Cathedral of St. Andrew (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Message from Fr. Moki, April 24, 2019

Dear Cathedral Ohana:
The most incredible thing happened on Easter Sunday. Right before the 7:00 service, Fr. Keleawe and I were sitting under the trellises on the benches by the columbarium and talking and visiting. I remarked on how I couldn’t believe how much the pakalana vines had grown and when we looked more carefully, we saw the vines’ first blossom—a wonderful Easter gift as we began the day. That one small blossom filled the air with fragrance, reminding me of God’s goodness and grace as we prepared to celebrate the Risen Lord. I look forward to more blossoms to come.

Holy Week & Easter

I’ve been ordained now for almost fourteen years and I must say that this Holy Week and Easter has been the best of my professional ordained ministry. I am so pleased with how things went and I so appreciate everyone’s hard work in pulling it all off. We made self-contained worship bulletins that were printed and copied two weeks before Palm Sunday, which made things very calm in the office during Holy Week itself. We had a Worship Committee meeting where we planned the logistics for all the services and at the same time on the day of the services themselves, the worship leaders were willing to be open and flexible to changes and last-minute decisions. Finally, the music was simply outstanding and I very much commend Todd Beckham and the two choirs as well as the Orvis Music Scholars for their efforts in pulling off a worship and musical offering that was beautiful and prayerful. Mahalo nui loa to everyone!

Moribe Memorial Service

This coming Saturday at 6:30 PM the Cathedral will hold memorial services for Matthew Moribe. We expect a big crowd that evening and I am pleased that the Cathedral can and will be available to this family as well as Matthew’s colleagues and friends. As many of you know, Matthew was lost at sea on St. Patrick’s Day. I’d also like you to know that our former Junior Warden, Warren Wright, was instrumental in the search efforts for Matthew as a member of the Coast Guard and he will participate in the service on Saturday when he does the second reading.

Time Off

Next week, I am going to take vacation from April 29 through May 3. This will not affect my participation at our Saturday and Sunday Eucharists. . I also plan to take sick leave from May 8 to May 14 for a minor surgical procedure on my prostate and I am required to stay at home to rest and recuperate. Thank you very much for understanding. Fr. Keleawe will be working fulltime that week and he will handle the running of the office as well as any liturgical services while I am out.

Concluding Thoughts

This year is almost one-third complete and during this short period of time, we have hosted a major liturgy and program for the visit of the Presiding Bishop and undertaken Holy Week and Easter.
And while we do have challenges that we must face, I would like to point out that we also work together very hard to make things happen for the building up of the church, the church community, and the mission of the Gospel. As we face the challenges before us, let’s please remember that there are many things we also do very well. Holy Week proves that and I am very proud to be your priest.
Until we see one another at worship this weekend, please take care.
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