Important Letters from our Bishops

[January 8, 2021]

Dear Cathedral ‘ohana and friends,

Friday is upon us after a week that has been full of epiphanies. Many of these revelations are not new, though they are pressing and monumental realities and issues obscured and ignored for too long, and they compel our response.

Today, our Bishop writes to us and calls us to reflection, to action, to study, and to prayer in his Pastoral Letter, as he reflects on this week and guides us onward. As the Cathedral, we respond to this call with the affirmation and promise we say together as we share the Baptismal Covenant: “We will, with God’s help.”

We also, today, hear from our Presiding Bishop. He asks us, as a Church, to consider: “Who shall we be?” Presiding Bishop Curry’s message is also attached.

May the light of Christ our Lord shine in all our hearts, and, still proceeding, guide us to that perfect Light.

Heather+ & Keleawe+