Heather’s June Vicar’s Message

“From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near.” (Mark 13:28)

Here we are at the beginning of the summer months! Our long season-after-Pentecost time stretches from now until Advent…way far away in December. On Sundays, for the next six months, our Gospel journey with Jesus will take us through the Gospel of Mark. Mark’s Gospel is famous for its urgency and its brevity; Mark does not mess around, and the Jesus we walk within Mark does not mess around. We will not find long and winding roads of parables and stories. Instead, the long(ish) and winding road to Jerusalem almost starts right away…right from the beginning, with the urgent and immediate question: how will you live?

In many ways, it’s perfect for us. We are coming out of a long and winding time – a time of uncertainty and fear. As June begins, we mark 14-months of COVID in our midst, but now we come together more and more safely with each passing day. With each passing week, more and more aspects of our worship and prayer time together can be unpacked. Processions are reemerging, and the lector and preacher can unmask when distanced and at the microphone. The Gospel is proclaimed from within the congregation, and we can all ‘gather ’round’ again. We greet one another at the door, and Aloha Hour will be back very, very soon. Singing, prayerfully, will be back with us in the fall, and we will be able to raise a loud shout! Oh, how wonderful will that be! (Keep those masks in place, though! Those are still essential for all of us inside!)

As it is summer, we know from the Gospel teaching from Jesus about the fig tree that the branch is tender; the leaves are unfurling and stretching toward the sun. For our reemerging to happen during this long season of Mark is perfect because we are called to not mess around, and consider, now, how will we live?! We are to consider the life and ministry we share as the Cathedral of St. Andrew – To do this, we will use our Baptismal Covenant! (Oh, how I love it! …you all already know!)

Bishop Fitzpatrick laid it out for us, again, on Pentecost. Over these next six months, we will look at each of the six “We will with God’s help” Covenant questions and share together how we will live each of them as the Cathedral, as we unfurl. We start now!

Questions for your June thinking and reflection:

  • As you have moved through these past 14-months, what have you learned about yourself and your prayer life?
  • What aspects of the Cathedral worship practices or worship at the Cathedral have you missed?
  • When you think about the role of music in your worship life, how does music impact you / inspire your prayer and practice?

How will we live into our worship with God’s help? 

I want to know what you are thinking along these worship questions – let’s email, call, chat – and ‘fig’ure it out together and as the Cathedral. May we, in this new season, unfurl with grace, purpose, and beauty, and, certainly, with God’s help!

With Grace and Peace,