Current Youth Formation Activities

Godly Play* schedule for April, 2018:

April 1 – Easter Day
No gathering today in the Loft. St. Andrew’s Cathedral hosts an Easter egg harvest after both Easter Sunday worship services. All children from all congregations on the “Square” (St. Andrew’s, St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s) and guests are invited to participate.

April 8 – Knowing Jesus in a New Way: “Known in Absence”
Easter is such a big mystery and so amazing that it cannot be contained in just one Sunday. It spills over into six more weeks we call Eastertide. Eastertide is our road to Pentecost. We begin our journey from Easter to Pentecost with stories that help us remember the appearances Jesus made after his resurrection but before his ascension. Today, we heard how the three ‘Mary’s’ were the first to go to the tomb, looking to care for Jesus’ body. The tomb was empty. One ‘Mary’ heard the gardener call her name – but it wasn’t the gardener at all – it was Jesus. Peter and John raced one another to see the empty tomb. “They could feel his presence in his absence.” Each of us experiences Jesus differently. Wonder with your child how it must have felt for those who went to the tomb and how you would have felt if it was you who were there.

April 15 – Knowing Jesus in a New Way: “Known in the Breaking of Bread”
After Jesus had risen on Easter, he appeared among his followers in different ways until the time of his Ascension. Soon after Jesus’ ascension, the Holy Spirit came to us on Pentecost. “Be known to us, Lord Jesus, in the breaking of the bread.” Two men were walking the road to Emmaus and were deeply troubled by the crucifixion of Jesus. A fellow traveler joined them and when they reached their destination, the two invited the third to share a meal. It was not until then that they recognized the third man was Jesus. The children are starting to notice in these post-Easter stories of Jesus that people do not recognize Him immediately. Wonder with your children if you would recognize Jesus today?

April 22 – Knowing Jesus in a New Way: “Known in Doubt”
We are still on the journey from Easter to Pentecost and remembering how Jesus appeared before his ascension. Today we wondered about Thomas, ‘the doubter.’ Jesus appeared to some of the disciples but Thomas only heard the story, he did not believe. Eight days later, Jesus came to the disciples again while they were sharing a meal and Thomas was there and seeing Jesus, fell to his knees. “Blessed are those who have not seen and still believe,” Jesus said.

April 29 – Knowing Jesus in a New Way: “Known in the Morning”
The Eastertide journey continues, as we are finding that Jesus keeps appearing unexpectedly. He had risen on Easter – Alleluia! – but he just kept showing up in surprising ways before his ascension. Today we remembered our stories from the last three weeks and added a new one. John’s gospel tells us that Jesus’ disciples made the long trip to Galilee as Jesus had instructed, and stopped at the Sea of Galilee, which was home to some of them. The morning fishing was unsuccessful until someone onshore called out to them to throw their nets to the other side. Why not? The nets were filled immediately and had to be dragged to shore. John recognized the man on shore was the Lord and Peter had hopped out of the boat to get to Jesus! Jesus gave Peter special instructions, “Feed my lambs… tend my sheep… feed my sheep.” Wonder at home together what Jesus might have meant.

* Learn more at: An In-depth Look at Godly Play

The Rock: Program for kids in the 5th grade and up

This programs meets monthly. Rock Group gatherings for the 2017 – 2018 school year:

  • October 29 — Saints, Heroes, Martyrs and regular folks!
  • November 26 — Make an Advent Wreath and take it home.
  • December 17 — Christmas Pageant practice (you are never too old to be a sheep, angel, narrator, or director)
  • January 14 — New Year service project
  • February 18 — This week we will explore ways to practice the super powers of prayer. Together, we will string prayer beads and experience different ways to pray, including a prayer that teaches: the sign of the cross and the A.C.T.S. prayer.
  • March 15/16 — Participation with HIM (Hawaiian Islands Ministry) youth seminar and concert. (Details to follow)
  • April 8 — Labyrinth walking, the most influential journey you can make without leaving home.
  • May and June dates and topics TBA.