Godly Play Schedule, October 2018

Oct. 7 The Good Shepherd and World Communion
The Good Shepherd & World Communion story helps us mesh the scripture we hold so dearly in our Bible and our weekly worship together (our Liturgy). We revisit the Parable of the Good Shepherd and weave it together with all the people around the world who share in the Eucharist at communion tables everywhere. I wonder when you come close to this table, do you hear the words of the Good Shepherd spoken just for you?

Oct. 14 Ark and the Tent
Today’s story tells us that God’s people treasured the words of the “Ten Best Ways” so much they built a special container for them. It could be moved with them as they traveled from place to place. Over time, more and more special rituals were practiced by God’s people and they decided a place “set apart” was necessary to house these precious things as well as a sacred place to perform the ceremonies of worship.

A special tent was used for this purpose. Everywhere God’s people traveled, this special tent was set up to shelter the people and the rituals. Over time the container and the stone tablets with the Holy “Best Ways”, written on them, was lost. The physical words are no longer needed, the words are written in our hearts.

Oct. 21 Upper Room
Over time the God’s people settled into towns and villages. Buildings build to mimic the “tents of worship” were made. People went to these houses of worship (Synagogues) to hear the word of God, read out loud. People went there to be strengthened and encouraged to live Godly lives. Jesus and his followers follow Jesus to the Synagogue and Jesus preaches. Jesus leads his followers to an upper room and continues to teach. Jesus demonstrates how his disciples are to remember him.

Oct. 28 Communion of Saints (just before All Saints/Halloween)
Today we hear the story of All Saints, in celebration of All Saints Day, the day that follows All Hallows Eve (aka Halloween). In our Episcopal/Anglican tradition, we believe each of us is a member of the Communion of Saints by virtue of being God’s children by adoption. We use a mirror to invite the children to remember that God loves each of us just the way we are. And we are called to always be our best selves. Wonder with your children: who are the saints you know personally? Perhaps you may wish to share people in your life who have been saints to you.

Several times during the church year, the lives of individuals who have served God in a particular way, are celebrated. Some of these individuals lived so long ago that there is almost no tangible evidence of their lives, others alive today, not yet recognized.