photo: two boys engaged in Godly Play Work

Godly Play Schedule, November, 2018

November 4 St. Thomas Aquinas
As we hear the story of the life of St. Thomas Aquinas we will learn that Thomas is known for his thinking about God. Thomas grew up in a monastery in Italy. He went to college when he was quite young (12). St. Thomas had two favorite kinds of books: the Bible and those written by Aristotle. His friends gave him the nickname of silent ox. Thomas was because he not only quite large, but he spoke little, preferring the company of his favorite books. Thomas’ writings aimed at explaining questions people had about God.

November 11 St. Elizabeth of Portugal
St. Elizabeth was born about 800 years ago in Spain. When she was 12 years old she was married to Dennis the King of Portugal. Elizabeth became the mother of two sons and although it was unusual for a woman to initiate such projects, she built a hospital for abandoned children, shelters for poor travelers, hospitals for sick people and a place for women to go when they were in need. Elizabeth also had a heart for the environment too. She planted many pine trees on the beaches of her country to keep the sand from blowing away. St. Elizabeth of Portugal was peaceful and made peace for God.

November 18 St. Nicholas
We will have a lesson that teaches about the life of a well-known saint of God. St. Nicholas was the bishop of Myra, which is now in southern Turkey. He died about 343 and was buried in Myra. In 1087 Italian sailors moved his body to Bari, which is today on the East Coast of Italy. This is why he is sometimes known as St. Nicholas of Bari. There are many stories about this popular saint, but he is best known today for giving gifts in secret to children.

November 25 Advent of Advent (the Prophets)
The children in the Godly Play room will hear the traditional stories of Advent one week earlier than those told in worship. This is done to accommodate the children participating in the Christmas Eve Family Service and Pageant.

On this Sunday, we light the first blue candle and remember the prophets, who pointed us to Bethlehem. They knew something special was to happen there. They were not clear what it was but they told the people to pay attention, for something amazing was to happen in the City of David. Will you do anything during Advent to pay attention in a different way?