Godly Play Schedule for September, 2018

Welcome back to Godly Play! Our first session will include a brief registration/orientation before the lesson.

Sept 9 The Story of the Holy Family
Our lesson today will focus on the Holy Family. We enter into the story of the Mother Mary, the Father Joseph, and Jesus, who we meet both as a baby and a risen savior. We learn in the lesson of the Holy Family, that, in both forms, Jesus was, as he has been since, “reaching out to give the whole world a hug”.

16 Second Creation: the falling apart
The lesson today is another in the core narrative which tells how the People of God sought the elusive presence of God. Our story begins with creation, today’s lesson presents another “beginning”, with Adam-Eve and how they “fell apart” from God, from each other, and from God’s creation. We will explore how these relationships are restored.

23 The Story of the Great Family
The lesson today will be told using the Desert Box. We will enter the story about Abram and Sarai, (God later renamed them Abraham and Sarah) who left their home and family for a place that God would show them. They found God was with them everywhere they went, not just in this place or that place. God promised them that he would make of them a “Great Family” and God did keep that promise. Abraham and Sarah began a great family of many generations including us.

30 The Ten Best Ways
Today in the Loft, we will hear the story of the 10 Best Ways to Live. We will talk about how hard they are to keep all the time but God asks us to try. The first four are about how to Love God while the last six are ways to help people love one another. The middle one, “Remember the Sabbath”, is a bridge between Loving God and Loving People