Godly Play, March 2019

March 3: Parable of the Deep Well
Today we will hear an unfamiliar parable. It is not a parable of Jesus. It comes to us from the traditions of the rabbis. It is an attempt to embrace the deep meaning of all parables and what we can learn from them.

March 10: The Mystery of Easter
On this first Sunday in Lent, we are to reminded a change is coming. Our ‘story’ is a puzzle of 6 pieces that form the shape of a cross. It is purple on one side, the color of waiting, royalty, and seriousness. On the other side, it is white, the color of pure celebration! That is the paradox of the season – it is both serious and somber but promises pure celebration in resurrection.

March 17 Faces of Easter – Jesus’ birth and Jesus gets lost
Today we will hear the first of a series of stories called “The Faces of Easter”. These stories will help us learn about Jesus’ life and ministry. We hear in our first story of the birth of a baby, born to be a king, but not the kind of king that the people were expecting. We will also hear about how human Jesus and his family were. As a boy, Jesus left his parents not knowing where he was. His parents were frantic, and his response to them was surprising.

March 24: Faces of Easter – Jesus’ baptism  and his time in the desert.
This Sunday we hear the story of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River by his cousin John the Baptist. After his baptism and before he begins his public ministry, Jesus goes to the wilderness to pray and fast. Jesus is tormented and tempted by Satan.

March 31: Faces of Easter – Jesus healer and parable maker
We learn about Jesus’ active ministry on this Sunday, we hear how he healed the sick and how he taught about the kingdom of heaven through his parables.