Godly Play, June 2019

June 2: Knowing Jesus in a New Way “Known in Waiting”
Jesus told his disciples to return to Jerusalem. They gathered again in their familiar room and Jesus was there.They were more comfortable now with the new way of knowing him, so they ask many questions, most of them were silly. And then he was gone, withdrawn in a way that is hard to understand or imagine. The disciples waited – what was to happen next?

June 9: Knowing Jesus in a New Way ”Known by the Holy Spirit”
The waiting is finally over and everything changed for the disciples when the Holy Spirit came to them – they could speak languages they never learned… it must have been a crazy scene in Jerusalem! The Holy Spirit descended to the disciples like tongues of flame! In the Godly Play room, we describe the Holy Spirit as being like a fragrant scent or a candle whose flame is out ,but the essence lingers in the trailing smoke – you cannot see these things but still, somehow, you know they are there. We use gentle words for a raging fire. Why might that be?

People in the “Godly Play”room will celebrate together today with special feasting and play. We will change the altar cloth from white (a color of pure celebration) to red, the hot burning color of the Holy Spirit.

This will be our last Godly Play gathering till Fall 2019.
Take care, and God Bless.