Godly Play, December, 2019

December 1: The Prophets

In anticipation of Advent,  we changed our colors on the altar and the calendar to blue, the color of patience and pondering, and light the first blue candle. People 2,000 years ago were waiting for a Messiah. On this Sunday before Advent, we remember the prophets who pointed us to Bethlehem, the city where King David had been born 1,000 years earlier. The prophets knew something special was to happen there. They told the people to “Pay Attention, for something amazing was to happen in the City of David.” Wonder as a family this week, how does it feel to wait when you are not quite sure what you are waiting for?

December 8: The Holy Family

Before our second Advent story, we light the second blue candle, and remember Mary and Joseph and their long and uncomfortable trip to Bethlehem when Mary was heavy with a baby inside. They must have been the last people to arrive in Bethlehem that night!

December 15: The Shepherds

We prepare for the third story of Advent by lighting two blue candles and a rose colored candle. The rose color is one of the colors we use to remember Jesus’ mother, Mary. But we also light the rose candle for this week to add a little joy to this dark time of Advent patience and pondering. We recall the angels announcement to the shepherds that night. “Get up and hurry to Bethlehem, for a savior had been born”. And hurry they did!

December 22: The Wise Persons and Christmas

The fourth Advent story begins by lighting the two blue candles, the pink candle and the final blue candle. We remember the Three Magi who knew all the stars in the sky. When they saw “a wild star” they knew they had to follow it, and they began the long journey from their homeland in the east. We remember them in the fourth story of Advent but we also keep in mind, that they really arrive for our celebration of Epiphany on January 6th because they have so far to go.

December 24: Christmas Eve

Please be sure to attend the family service in the Cathedral at 5:00 pm on Christmas Eve!

December 29: No Godly Play gathering in the Loft today.