Godly Play, December, 2018

December 2 Advent 2 (the Holy Family)
On this Sunday we light another candle, revisit the story of last week and hear the story of the Holy Family and their long, uncomfortable trip to Bethlehem. Mary was heavy with a baby inside her and Joseph helped her as best he could. (They were the last people to arrive in Bethlehem that night).

December 9 Advent 3 (the Shepherds)
This week we light yet another candle, this time a rose colored one. We hear the story of angels and their announcement to the shepherds on that night.The shepherds were told to go into Bethlehem, the savior had been born. Imagine the shepherds surprise! Do you think they hesitated before they obeyed the angels?

December 16 Advent 4 (the Magi)
Today the last of the fourth candle is set ablaze. We hear the story of the Three Magi who knew all the stars in the sky. When they saw a “wild star” they knew they had to follow it. Thus they began their long journey into mystery.

December 23 no lesson. Special Christmas Eve program!

December 25 (Tuesday) Christmas Day!
This is the day the white fifth candle on an Advent wreath may be lit in celebration of Jesus birth.
(Tradition suggests that all five of the candles on the wreath can be briefly lighted
daily until the day of Epiphany.)

December 30 no formal lesson
Prepare for the “Star Party” next week!