photo: two boys engaged in Godly Play Work

Godly Play, April, 2019

April 7: Faces of Easter: Jesus offers the Bread and Wine
Today we will share a meal with Jesus and his closest friends. Jesus will tell his friends what is about to happen. He will teach how he will be with them even when he is not physically present. We will learn how to remember him. Jesus’ friends do not fully understand what he is saying. One of his friends is about to betray him. Can you imagine the confusion? I wonder what Jesus was feeling? Would you like to have been in this room with these people?

April 14: The “Drama” of Holy Week
Today is Palm Sunday, and the people in the Godly Play room will relive the events of the day by using a child’s version of the Stations of the Cross. We will “be there when they nail him to the cross.” The day begins with celebration and ends in death. What will come from this?

April 21: Easter Day no gathering

April 28: Jesus in a New Way “Known In Absence”
Easter is such a big mystery and so amazing that it cannot be contained in just one Sunday. It spills over into six more weeks we call Eastertide. Today we begin our journey through Easter to Pentecost. Today, we remember how the “three Marys” were the first to go to the tomb, looking to care for Jesus’ body. The tomb was empty. Wonder with your child how it must have felt for those who went to the tomb?