A Vision and a Community

photo: Queen Emma (Hawaii); photo retouched by J.J. Williams
Queen Emma (Hawaii)

“…Our beloved Church regards her children as having bodies as well as souls to be cared for, and sanctions the consecration of these and all that is beautiful in nature and art to the service of God…”

Our vision is a world healed and reconciled to God in Christ Jesus.

To achieve that vision…

…we believe the Cathedral of St. Andrew must create a vibrant and welcoming place where people gather to hear, experience, and practice the Good News through:

  • Engaging in liturgy with standards appropriate to a Cathedral as a place of worship and pilgrimage
  • Encouraging life-long discernment, formation, and learning, leading to teaching through mentoring
  • Providing opportunities for service to the community and to one another
  • Dedication to the pursuit of justice and peace in Hawaii and the world

We profess that…

…we can only achieve our vision if we base our work on, and model the values of:

  • Interdependence, unity, and community
  • Anglican heritage and Hawaiian tradition
  • Obedience to the values of the Gospel and Baptismal Covenant
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Healing
  • Reconciliation
  • Prayer
  • Giftedness and uniqueness of ministry of each believer
  • Importance and equality of all orders
  • Alignment with Diocesan priorities
  • Collaboration with community organizations pursuing similar visions and missions