Christmas meat distribution 2020

In normal years, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew gives away meat to the families at Kalihi Waena Elimentary School, at the school’s annual “Breakfast with Santa.”  But 2020 is nothing like a normal year, with the need for extra food in this community greater than ever.  Instead of ordering 150 boxes of chicken (matching the number of families registered for Breakfast with Santa) as we normally do, we ordered 50 cases of 5-pound boxes of chicken thighs, a total of 300 boxes!

Stephen Lee, who owns the meat wholesaler P&E Foods, added cases of meats: bologna, hot dogs and chopped ham, all nearing their expiration dates, for free.  The order totaled 2,420 pounds of meat!  That allowed us to give out sturdy bags packed with about seven pounds of meat, easing family budgets during the holidays.

But that’s not all, donations came in from other sources too!  Kalihi Union Church donated blue tote bags full of food and even school supplies.  Then KW staff members donated money to buy island favorites of Ramen and Vienna sausage, in white bags. Each KW family with a ticket received two bags of food from Santa Claus. Staff members of every job description showed up and helped for an extra hour on Wednesday, December 16th.   All the staff recognized the students and families affectionately as they showed up.

Maria Passi tracked all the families that came into the office for tickets and called those who did not come in.  Principle Daniel Larkin sent Messenger messages reminding parents to come in.  All in all, we gave away bags of food to more than half of the school’s population.  Although we wish we had donated food to every Kalihi Waena family, we certainly provided multiple meals to nearly 200 families, and enough meat was left over to feed more families supported by the Wallyhouse ministry at St. Elizabeth’s.

A hearty thanks goes out to all the staff for their whole-hearted support of this project! Enjoy these photos by Ann Dugdale Hansen, Liane Lazo, and Elizabeth Conklin

Beginning assembly
Bags from other donors
Cathedral assembly team
Filling the bags
Contents of one bag
Packing the bags
Filling the bags
Ann Hansen joined the crew
Wendy and the kitchen crew
School distribution team
About 2:10 pm distribution began
Each family was given a ticket.
Santa at work
Some recipients
Everyone got two bags
Some stood in line, others came by car.
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