The Cathedral Foundation

The Cathedral of St. Andrew Foundation was created specifically to provide funding for the preservation of the buildings and grounds of the Cathedral. This is to be accomplished through planned giving of bequests, whose corpus would remain intact in perpetuity to provide income directed to preservation, restoration and capital improvements.

The Foundation Board oversees investment of the corpus, under professional management, and sets guidelines for the disbursement of funds.

Chapter, as representative of the Cathedral, constitutes the membership of the Foundation. Membership on the Board is approved by Chapter at an annual meeting.

The Foundation, with a corpus of about $2,000,000 in largely restricted funds, has provided consistently for Buildings and Grounds needs since its incorporation in 1988. In addition, the Foundation facilitated the re-roofing of the Cathedral by lending substantial funds from its unrestricted accounts.

St. Andrew’s Cathedral Foundation is a tax exempt, charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3). Its purpose, as stated in its Articles of Incorporation, is “to receive, invest and manage contributions, and to make expenditures, all for the benefit of St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, and to engage in such related activities for the benefit of said Saint Andrew’s Cathedral as the Board of Directors shall determine from time to time.” The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors elected annually by the Cathedral’s Chapter, and its funds are professionally managed.