Cathedral Finances

The Cathedral of St. Andrew has three primary sources of funding for our vision of “a world healed and reconciled to God in Christ Jesus”:

  • Pledges and donations from Cathedral members and visitors
  • An endowment funded by grants and bequests from individuals and foundations
  • Revenues from the use of our facilities. The latter represents “Queen Emma’s blessing,” the revenue from our facilities that supports not only their upkeep, which is costly, but also a significant part of our program.

2018 Projections

For purposes of this budget, ministries have been categorized as service, worship, education, evangelism, pastoral care/parish life, and stewardship (SWEEPS).

SWEEPS Ministries


Alms donations
Family Promise Shallow Subsidy
IHS Meals
Kalihi Waena School Meat Give-away
Kalihi Waena School Supplies
Saipan Clothing Collection
Sandwich Ministry, Personal Hygiene/Toiletry Kits
Waiawa Correctional Facility Writing Program


Altar Guild
Music and Choral Scholars
Services and Sacraments
St. Andrew’s Ringing Society


Web site and communications

Pastoral Care, Parish Life

Daughters of the King
Diocesan Support
Newcomers Supper
Nohona Hawaiʻi


Bible Study
Book Club
Education for Ministry
Faith Forum
Godly Play



charts: projected income and expense for 2018

FY 2018 Budgeted Expense, by Function

The charts below demonstrate the allocation of resources toward worship services and pastoral care/parish life. While the allocation toward service in this chart is low, the Cathedral does not track volunteer hours devoted to supporting services and ministries and therefore under counts the allocation of total resources toward all functions within the church.
Stewardship includes facilities and security; a small part of this is fundraising activities. An area of need for immediate investment is education or formation.

charts: projected 2018 expenses, by function

The ministries within each function are listed in “SWEEPS Ministries,” above.