Category: Social Justice

Makahiki Ending Celebration 2019

The Makahiki season is the ancient Hawaiian New Year festival, in honor of the god Lono, of the Hawaiian religion. The season is four lunar months long, from October or November until February or March.Continue reading

Second Sundays Social Justice Forum

This Sunday, July 9, the “Second Sundays Social Justice Series” is honored to host Kim Coco Iwamoto from 9:30-10:20 in the Von Holt Room.

Kim Coco will share her perspectives on housing discrimination on Oahu and factors that cause a shortage of affordable housing for previously homeless families locally.

Please join us in our ongoing series exploring ways communities of faith can be agents of social justice and empower advocacy movements on a local level.

Emalani Garden

Established in 2011 and located behind Davies Hall, this ministry cares for the homeless populations by growing vegetables, herbs, Hawai’ian and Polynesian plants. The garden supplies vegetables and herbs for IHS meals and the SandwichContinue reading

Climbing Poetree

On Saturday, February 8th from 7P to 11P at Tenney Theater of St. Andrew’s Cathedral (229 Queen Emma Sq. Honolulu, HI), the dynamic, Brooklyn-based female duo CLIMBING POETREE will grace the stage with their award-winningContinue reading