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Godly Play, October 2019

October 6 Animals and the Saints they loved People recognized as Saints in the church, are often assigned patronage to special causes. A exceptionally faithful sailor may become associated with the lives of all sailors.Continue reading

Godly Play, September, 2019

September 8: Welcome and the Holy Family Today in in the Godly Play room, we were presented with the story of The Holy Family. We heard of Mother Mary, the Father Joseph, and Jesus whoContinue reading

Godly Play, June 2019

June 2: Knowing Jesus in a New Way “Known in Waiting” Jesus told his disciples to return to Jerusalem. They gathered again in their familiar room and Jesus was there.They were more comfortable now withContinue reading

Godly Play, May 2019

May 5: Jesus In a New Way “Known in the breaking of Bread” After Jesus had risen on Easter, he appeared among his followers in different ways until the time of his Ascension. Two menContinue reading

Images from Holy Week

What a glorious Holy Week this year! Here are a few photos. Palm Sunday Maundy Thursday Good Friday Easter

photo: two boys engaged in Godly Play Work

Godly Play, April, 2019

April 7: Faces of Easter: Jesus offers the Bread and Wine Today we will share a meal with Jesus and his closest friends. Jesus will tell his friends what is about to happen. He willContinue reading

Holy Week Services

The Cathedral will have a full slate of worship offerings beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter Sunday. The worship schedule is: Sunday, April 14th: Palm Sunday with Liturgy of the Palms 7:00AM, 8:00AM,Continue reading

Godly Play, March 2019

March 3: Parable of the Deep Well Today we will hear an unfamiliar parable. It is not a parable of Jesus. It comes to us from the traditions of the rabbis. It is an attemptContinue reading