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School Supplies Drive for Kalihi Waena Elementary, July 1-29, 2018

The Need

Kalihi Waena is an elementary school 3.5 miles from the Cathedral. Many (76%) of its students are on free or reduced cost meals (breakfast and lunch.) The term ‘free and reduced lunch’ is an indicator of financial difficulties in a family, of poverty in a community, and often a predictor of how well students will do in school. When officials quantify struggling schools in poor neighborhoods, they cite the number of free and reduced lunches. It is a key measurement, like class size and test scores and graduation rates.

Financially stressed families frequently have to decide which bill was the most pressing. When choosing between using their limited money for rent, food, car repair or school supplies, the priority has to go to the family’s immediate survival needs. Sadly, this often means children are ashamed to show up for school at the start of the year without the necessary supplies.

Emalani Garden

Established in 2011 and located behind Davies Hall, this ministry cares for the homeless populations by growing vegetables, herbs, Hawai’ian and Polynesian plants. The garden supplies vegetables and herbs for IHS meals and the SandwichContinue reading