Category: Children’s Formation

Godly Play, March 2020

March 1: The story of the Holy Family and the Mystery of Easter Our time together began with the story of the the Holy Family. We once again entered into the story of the MotherContinue reading

Godly Play, February 2020

February 2: The Story of St. Elizabeth St. Elizabeth of Portugal was herself peaceful and made peace for God. Born around 1271 in Spain to a royal European family. At age 12, she married Dennis,Continue reading

photo: two boys engaged in Godly Play Work

Godly Play, January 2020

January 5: Three Kings Party, “A celebration of 3’s” This Sunday is the day before Epiphany, last year we had a “Star Party” with the entire congregation. This year we will have a celebration ofContinue reading

Godly Play, December, 2019

December 1: The Prophets In anticipation of Advent,  we changed our colors on the altar and the calendar to blue, the color of patience and pondering, and light the first blue candle. People 2,000 yearsContinue reading

Godly Play, November, 2019

November 3: The Communion of Saints Today we hear the All Saints Story in celebration of All Saints Day (the day that follows All Hallows Eve!) In our Episcopal/Anglican tradition, we trust that each ofContinue reading

Godly Play, October 2019

October 6 Animals and the Saints they loved People recognized as Saints in the church, are often assigned patronage to special causes. A exceptionally faithful sailor may become associated with the lives of all sailors.Continue reading

Godly Play, September, 2019

September 8: Welcome and the Holy Family Today in in the Godly Play room, we were presented with the story of The Holy Family. We heard of Mother Mary, the Father Joseph, and Jesus whoContinue reading

Godly Play, June 2019

June 2: Knowing Jesus in a New Way “Known in Waiting” Jesus told his disciples to return to Jerusalem. They gathered again in their familiar room and Jesus was there.They were more comfortable now withContinue reading

Godly Play, May 2019

May 5: Jesus In a New Way “Known in the breaking of Bread” After Jesus had risen on Easter, he appeared among his followers in different ways until the time of his Ascension. Two menContinue reading