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Godly Play, May 2019

May 5: Jesus In a New Way “Known in the breaking of Bread” After Jesus had risen on Easter, he appeared among his followers in different ways until the time of his Ascension. Two menContinue reading

photo: two boys engaged in Godly Play Work

Godly Play, April, 2019

April 7: Faces of Easter: Jesus offers the Bread and Wine Today we will share a meal with Jesus and his closest friends. Jesus will tell his friends what is about to happen. He willContinue reading

Godly Play, March 2019

March 3: Parable of the Deep Well Today we will hear an unfamiliar parable. It is not a parable of Jesus. It comes to us from the traditions of the rabbis. It is an attemptContinue reading

Godly Play, February 2019

February 3: Parable of the Good Samaritan Today’s story was the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Parables are the closest thing we have to the actual words of Jesus. In our time together today, weContinue reading

Godly Play, January, 2019

January 6 Epiphany “Star Party” The Magi’s Gifts Today we will will hear of the of the gifts given to the Christ Child by the Magi and will have a “Starry” Celebration to close theContinue reading

Godly Play, December, 2018

December 2 Advent 2 (the Holy Family) On this Sunday we light another candle, revisit the story of last week and hear the story of the Holy Family and their long, uncomfortable trip to Bethlehem.Continue reading

Godly Play Schedule, October 2018

Oct. 7 The Good Shepherd and World Communion The Good Shepherd & World Communion story helps us mesh the scripture we hold so dearly in our Bible and our weekly worship together (our Liturgy). WeContinue reading

Current Youth Formation Activities

Godly Play* schedule for April, 2018:

April 1 – Easter Day
No gathering today in the Loft. St. Andrew’s Cathedral hosts an Easter egg harvest after both Easter Sunday worship services. All children from all congregations on the “Square” (St. Andrew’s, St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s) and guests are invited to participate.

April 8 – Knowing Jesus in a New Way: “Known in Absence”
Easter is such a big mystery and so amazing that it cannot be contained in just one Sunday. It spills over into six more weeks we call Eastertide. Eastertide is our road to Pentecost. We begin our journey from Easter to Pentecost with stories that help us remember the appearances Jesus made after his resurrection but before his ascension. Today, we heard how the three ‘Mary’s’ were the first to go to the tomb, looking to care for Jesus’ body. The tomb was empty. One ‘Mary’ heard the gardener call her name – but it wasn’t the gardener at all – it was Jesus. Peter and John raced one another to see the empty tomb. “They could feel his presence in his absence.” Each of us experiences Jesus differently. Wonder with your child how it must have felt for those who went to the tomb and how you would have felt if it was you who were there.