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Education for Ministry (EfM) 2015/2016

Education for Ministry (EfM)

Why Doubt Can Be a Gift!

What is your imagery of God, your imagery of worship, your imagery of relationship with Mystery and with your fellow man?   How do you find the words to express these imageries?  How do these imageries shape your unique story?  How does your story weave into the story of the people of God?

These questions  are at the heart of the Education for Ministry seminar. Using Scripture, Tradition, Reason/Revelation, we explore–and sometimes challenge–our understandings and relationships with our faith, church, and community.  We  explore the “fit” of our heritage and stories with our 21st-century world.

Questions are not always doubt, but the Creator Mystery calling us into deeper relationship.  EfM will not tell us WHAT to believe, but will give us tools for expression and dialogue–with each other and with God.  And, to borrow a phrase–“LOVE always listens!”

EfM – Information Session for 2015/2016 Class
Sunday, August 30, at 9:20 am

EDUCATION for MINISTRY, a 4-year, adult, self-study, extension program offered by the School of Theology, University of the South, will continue to be offered at The Cathedral of St. Andrew for the 2015/2016 academic year. Every baptized person is called to ministry–the EfM program provides people with an educational basis to carry out that ministry.

An information and enrollment session will be held during the Faith Forum on Sunday, August 30, at 9:20 am, in the Von Holt Room. The starting time for next year’s class will be Wednesday evening, September 30. For more in-depth information about the program, please visit For questions about forming the 2015/2016 class, please send an email to

Graduates of EfM: Check the Sewanee website for information on the new EfM Alumni/ae Association.


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