Bereavement Workshop

Grief is the garden of compassion. But it’s hard!!! The process of grieving is an incredibly difficult journey, and this path is different for each of us. Sometimes we feel alone amidst a large crowd and sometimes we become very angry for no apparent reason. There are times that tears come upon us so fast and we wonder when they will lessen. There are other times we feel so encouraged by a memory that has come to us. It’s all ok. It’s all very ok.

A Grief Workshop will be held on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 in the Von Holt room from 12pm-1:00pm with Dr. Joseph Eppink. Dr. Eppink is a Bereavement Coordinator at Bristol Hospice and Director of Music at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. He has been involved with Hospice for over 25 years as a volunteer while teaching and then as Volunteer Coordinator and now working with the bereaved. Participants will have an extended opportunity using meditation and the grounding sounds of the waves at a later scheduled time to further the healing. Join us for this hour as we learn not only more about grief and what it really is, but strategies to help us deal with this pain-filled road. And maybe, just maybe, our grief will be our garden of compassion.

A men’s grief support group will soon be meeting at St Peter’s Episcopal Church facilitated by Dr. Eppink. Information will be forthcoming.