Benedictine Work Day Scheduled for April 13

Doing ordinary tasks in an extraordinary way
A Benedictine Work Day has been scheduled for Saturday, April 13, the day before Palm Sunday. The Benedictine way is about finding a balance and intentionality in our common life. In the Benedictine way, prayer, study, work, reflection, fellowship and rest are all valued and rely on each other to find fulfillment. St. Benedict considered the kitchen utensil and the chalice on the altar to both be sacred vessels! On this day we will worship, work, eat, and share silence as a community, following the rhythm of a typical Benedictine monastic day. Our work will be focused on jobs great and small…dusting, polishing, sweeping, weeding, organizing…you name it! This will be a great opportunity to rub elbows (and brass) with parishioners and friends we may not ordinarily work with, and to make our Cathedral a sparkling and welcoming place for Easter! Those who attended past Benedictine Work Days at the Cathedral had an amazing experience of prayer, community, and real accomplishment.
The full schedule is here, and a suggested task list is here:
DescriptionTools neededTask Leader
Help make palm crossesAltar Guild to supply materialsKaren Ogata
Clean Davies KitchenCleanser, sponges, ragsMatt Brown
Sort name tags & replace holders as neededFresh name tags
Realign pews and mark correct pew positions in the CathedralMasking tape (several rolls)
Align choir chairs and mark their correct positionsMore masking tape
Clean aisles in the CathedralDust mops
Hang banners in Von HoltCleaned banners, replacement velcro, ladderBryan Sugihara, Tiny Chang
Production room: clean around light switches, etcCleaning solution, sponges, brushes, bucket
Production room: clean behind machines, etc.Broom, dust pan
Deep-clean Women's restroom in Memorial BldgCleanser, brushes, sponges, ragsAnne Murphy
Weed & cultivate the Emalani GardenGloves, pruning sheers, trash bagPriscilla Millen
Rake up windblown trash & leaves under hedgesRakes, trash bags
Remove the moss around the plaques on the columbariumScrew driver (as chisel)Ed Lapsley
Polish dingy plaques in the columbariumBrass polish, ragsEd Lapsley
Clear graffiti around the dumpsterGraffiti remover
Exterior trash can lids: remove & cleanCleaning solution, sponges
Come when you can, leave when you have to. We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions! Send them to