Advent Reflections 2018: Advent and our Angels

Welcome to a season of Advent Reflections, in which we invite your personal reflections about angels in general and angels in your God-given lives. The “angel-relevant” readings and questions to ponder will be provided each Advent week, and we will make provision on each post where you may blog your thoughts. This program is hosted by the Adult Formation Committee, George Hilty and Melvia Kawashima. Just follow the links below.

We wish you a blessed Advent Season!

Advent 1 – Sunday, December 2nd – Michael and All Angels

Discussion: Have you ever encountered “Angels” real or imagined? How do angels convey God’s message to us and the world?

Advent 2 – Sunday, December 9th – Angelic Realms

Discussion: Do these statements relate to your Christian life, if yes, how so? “It is a heart movement, not a head movement; In shadowland where light can appear a shadow? The closer we get to light the more shadows we see?”

Advent 3 – Sunday, December 16th – Light and Darkness – Br. Richard Rohr, Center for Action and Contemplation

Discussion: Do these statements relate to your Christian life? “Beyond words and ideas into silence and beyond rational knowing…Into higher consciousness called faith.” How do angels intervene in God’s cycle of light and darkness?

Advent 4 – Sunday, December 23rd – The Blessed Virgin Mary – By Br. Curtis Almquist SSJE