A joyous Benedictine Work Day

An enthusiastic group of about 25 people met in the morning for prayers and to consider tasks for the day, then dispersed to work. At noon, we reconvened for prayers and pizza, and then dispersed. As the day went on, more people came and joined in, while others drifted away; about 30 people altogether participated. In the afternoon, we paused to pray again and see a video made by Fr. Moki and Dixie reflecting their visit to the Holy Land and retracing the Stations of the Cross.

By day’s end, we had:

  • Cleaned both Davies and Von Holt Kitchens
  • Raked and watered most of the lawns and gardens around the Cathedral and Memorial Building
  • Made many palm crosses for Palm Sunday
  • Polished and cleaned all the vessels needed for Holy Week and Easter
  • Sorted and alphabetized all the name tags, replacing damaged holders
  • Swept and dry-mopped the entire Nave
  • Marked correct positions for all the choir chairs and pews

We are deeply grateful to everyone who came and participated, but especially:

  • Stacy Shigamura, Devin Alford, and Carolyn Kishi (from HTY) for cleaning the Von Holt kitchen
  • Matt Brown, Anne Murphy, Cat Peterson, … for cleaning the Davies Hall Kitchen
  • Judy Masuda, Tiny Chang, Theone Vredenburg, and Mary Jo Kamano for helping with Altar Guild tasks
  • Karen Ogata for heading the team making palm crosses
  • Ann Hansen, Keanu Young, Priscilla Millen, Paul Reeser, Ed Lapsley, and others for gardening and cleaning
  • George Hilty and others for marking the pew and chair positions
  • Julia Jackson and Elizabeth Conklin for sorting the name tags
  • Dixie Kaetsu for arranging the devotions and providing coffee & snacks, and Elizabeth Conklin for organization
  • Bryan Sugihara for collecting and setting out all the tools and materials we might possibly need

…and all the others who came and helped in many ways. It was a wonderful day.