2019 Schedule of Ali‘i Sundays and Evensongs released

The Cathedral has released its schedule of Ali‘i Sunday services and Evensongs.

The Ali‘i Sundays honor members of the royal family of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i, with particular emphasis on King Kamehamena IV and Queen Emma, as they were the founders of this Cathedral. They donated the land on which it stands, and Queen Emma personally supervised the building of the Cathedral edifice. On each of the Ali‘i Sundays the Hawaiian Royal Societies and other ahahui (Hawaiian clubs) join us for the 8:00 am Hawaiian service, and the front pews are reserved for them. A special reception follows. Their processions in and out add an extra note of pageantry to the Hawaiian service.

The Evensongs occur monthly, with the Cathedral Choir, facilitated by a special grant from the Orvis Foundation. These typically honor special liturgical feasts such as Epiphany or Saints days, and follow the traditional Anglican Evensong liturgy, sometimes with special guest musicians. All are at 5:30 pm on Sundays, with the exception of Kirkin o’ the Tartan, which celebrates the Cathedral’s St. Andrew’s day on a Friday evening, with the Saint Andrew Society of Hawaii (SASH), and features a dinner, Scottish dancing, bagpipes, and more.

Please join us for one or more of these special services!