Worship, Ka Haipule

The principal work of the Church is worship, and the Cathedral of Saint Andrew is justly renowned for its preaching, liturgy and music. We have a variety of dignified worship services and experiences which honor Anglican Cathedral Tradition and the Book of Common Prayer. With Sunday morning Eucharists and Evensong, average Sunday attendance is currently 250.

Weekly Worship Schedule

11:30 am Holy Eucharist in Parke Chapel

5:30 pm Vigil Eucharist in the Cathedral Peace Chapel

Sundays at The Cathedral of St. Andrew
The Cathedral celebrates three Sunday morning Services:

The 7:00 am Holy Eucharist is a traditional Rite I service, quiet and reflective, preceded by an organ prelude but without hymns or other music.

Procession into Hawaiian worship.

The 8:00 am Ka `Eukalikia Hemolele (Holy Eucharist in Hawaiian), is a Rite II service incorporating Hawaiian language prayers, hymns and scripture, with the sermon in English. The liturgy is mostly celebrated in the Hawaiian language. The Psalm and Epistle are chanted in Hawaiian by a member of the congregation. The Hawaiian choir supports the congregation in the singing of the hymns and offers an anthem in Hawaiian. For the Feast Days and birthdays of the Monarchs, the Hawaiian Societies are especially invited to attend.

Cathedral worship on a Feast Day

The 10:30 am Sung Rite II Eucharist with the Cathedral Choir is a traditional Anglican choral service. The Cathedral Choir offers leadership to the congregation in the singing of hymns and service music as well as offering two anthems from ages past to present day compositions.

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