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Cathedral Life – April 23, 2015

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Harmony Health & Wellness – Upcoming Programs
Monday, April 27, 2015  – 3:30 pm, Davies Hall. On April 27th you will not want to miss a late afternoon, Himene and Mele of Queen Liliuokalani.  Join us for community singing with poi supper with hardy Hawaiian stew to follow.  Studies have shown that singing and music helps us to transcend the problems of the world, reduces stress and anxieties, and promotes wellness.
Monday, May 11, 2015 – 4:00 pm, Davies Hall. “Restorative justice” is the concept that trauma lies deep within the psyche of every person.  This trauma prevents us from being healthy and well.  Therapeutic designs are intended to release the trauma and create open pathways for healing and restoration.  Come and learn about how restorative justice is helping the pa’ahao at the Halawa Correctional Facility. There will be a presentation on restorative justice related to Makahiki programs which are ongoing at the Halawa Correctional Facility.

Cathedral Life – April 16, 2015

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Join Us for the Upcoming Central Oahu Regional Confirmation Service

The Rev. Susan Sowers

As a part of the Easter-tide celebration, Bishop Bob will preside at the Regional Confirmation, Reaffirmation, and Reception Service, held here at the Cathedral on Sunday, May 17th, at2:30 pm.  The congregations represented in our Region are St. Paul’s, St. Elizabeth’s, St. Luke’s, St. Peter’s, and St. Andrew’s.   Please come to support all those who are making “a mature public affirmation of faith and commitment to the responsibilities of Baptism.” (BCP)

The Cathedral Ohana has two candidates for Reaffirmation, who have been through the Catechumanate process since January (Ann Reimers and Eve Morley).  This is a big step for them.   While they were previously baptized and confirmed, Reaffirmation allows them to sacramentally re-state their commitment to Christ in The Episcopal Church. Reaffirmation is not a rite that notes some fuller initiation into the Church, the Body of Christ, but it allows us to honor our growth in faith throughout our adult spiritual journey.   If any are interested in this process next year, please talk to your clergy, including the Rev. Dan Benedict, or John Condrey.

The Dean and I will be offering a series on the Fundamentals of the Faith on three consecutive Wednesday nights, starting April 29th, from 6:15 to 7:30 pm. (April 29th,May 6th, and May 13th).  If we have other members who might want to be Confirmed, Reaffirmed, or Received into the Episcopal Church from another denomination, please contact the Rev. Susan Sowers at

Blessings at Easter-tide!

The Dean’s Eastertide Pilgrimage

“Pa`akai a Malamalama” (Salt and Light) Reflections from the Dean – Eastertide Pilgrimage

Dean Brownridge Photo - January 2015First, I want to thank everyone who participated in our Holy Week and Easter services.  Everything was glorious! The Cathedral looked beautiful; the music was sublime; and the worship was holy and moving. I also wish to thank the Bishop, Mother Susan, Canon Renke, the Choirs, Judy Masuda, Rev. Dan and Mary O Benedict, Stacy Shigemura, and the dozens of volunteers who worked to make our Cathedral shine in every facet of our common life.  I am especially grateful for everyone’s help as I was struggling with illness and others had to step up.

As I continue to recover, I am preparing to depart for the annual Conference of North American Deans. This year it is a little longer because of the location and context. At the invitation of the Dean of St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem, The Very Rev. Hosam Naoum, we Deans of Canada and the USA will be in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel and Palestine from April 15th to the 23rd. We shall be staying at St. George’s College. This is where Deacon Honey Becker is serving and also where Susan Lukens just returned after serving there for 6 months.

The Conference will begin with Holy Eucharist, and then we begin a series of theological and historical presentations. Our first 3 days will be spent seeing and reflecting on significant sites of Jesus’ ministry and the early Church in Jerusalem and beyond. The remainder of our time will be based at St. George’s and will include presentations and discussions.

I ask you to pray for me and my fellow Deans on our pilgrimage, as I shall be praying for all of you.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Cathedral Life 3-26-15

Dean Brownridge

Dean Brownridge

In this week’s Cathedral Life 3-26-15, read the Dean’s Reflection, “In the Fullness of Time:  Holy Week at The Cathedral of St. Andrew” as well as “Next to Godliness” — A new ministry bringing toiletries to those in need, and much more . . . .

Cathedral Life – 3/12/15

Dean Brownridge Photo - January 2015“Pa’akai a Malamalama” (Salt and Light)
Reflections From the Dean

The Starbridge Novels and Pilgrimage of Spiritual Awareness

Beloved in Christ:

Lent is a season for the spirit – as Martin Smith would say. It is a season of self-denial, self- reflection and self-examination. These disciplines should lead to greater self-awareness and conversion. The Dean’s Book Club has started a journey that I invite you to participate in-regardless of whether you can join us on Wednesdays at 9:30 in my office. This journey is reading The Starbridge novels by Susan Howatch. The first book which we finished this past week has offered our book group the opportunity to explore the themes of Lent and the Christian life in a literary, historical, and entertaining context.

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Cathedral Life – 3/5/2015

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Dean Brownridge Photo - January 2015A Meditation for the Friday of Lent  2:  Genesis 37: 3 – 4; 12 – 28:

“… said to one another, ‘Here comes this dreamer. Come now, let us kill him … and we shall see what will become of his dreams.'”

The Story of Joseph and his Brothers illustrates how some people are so opposed to dreamers. Joseph is a dreamer that imagines a future that reverses the familial order where his older brothers will no longer have supremacy. This January I saw the film Selma, the story of Martin Luther King and others’ heroic struggle against white supremacy in America. King articulated the dream to end this supremacy. For having such an imagination he was killed. When I think of the South African freedom struggle, I recall Steve Biko’s dream and his death, which resonates with me and many other African-Americans. So, what was Martin’s dream? Steve Biko’s? As Archbishop Desmond would say, “it is the dream of God”.

Cathedral Life – 02-26-2015

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“Pa’akai a Malamalama”
(Salt and Light)
Reflections From the Dean
Awakening to Witness
Daily Reflections From Ash Wednesday to Easter

It may be that when we no longer know what to do,
we have come to our real work,
and when we no longer know which way to go,
we have come to our real journey.  

The mind that is not baffled is not employed.
The impeded stream is the one that sings.

Wendell Berry, ” The Real Work”

We invite you to use this booklet of daily reflections by a diverse group of theologians, lay and clergy from across the Anglican Communion.

Awakening to Witness – Daily Reflections From Ash Wednesday to Easter (140 pgs) (Distributed with permission.)

Dean Walter+

Cathedral Life 2-19-15

Dean Brownridge Photo - January 2015In this week’s Cathedral Life, the Dean reminds us that, “Lent is Designed to Get Your Attention!”

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!

Maybe that opening sentence got your attention.  I hope so.  The season of Lent is designed to get our attention.  As a friend said to me, “Lent should dispose us to alertness to the details of the neglected aspects of our lives.”  I think Lent should most particularly focus our attention on the care of our souls!

Dean Walter +

Click here Cathedral Life 02-19-15 to read the Dean’s full “Reflection” on Lent, and many more articles including:

“Awakening to Witness – Daily Reflections From Ash Wednesday to Easter”
Deadline Extended for Donations to St. Paul’s Church in Saipan
Daughters of the King – Monthly meeting on the first Sunday
Becoming the Story We Tell – Small Groups Continue in Lent
Sunday Adult Formation – Living a Eucharistic Life
Lenten Programs
Honolulu Symphony Chorus to Honor John Renke, Saturday, March 7
Weekly Worship Schedule
Choral Services
Godly Play
Matters Catechumenal – The First Sunday of Lent – Enrollment of a Candidate for Baptism
Notes, Reminders, Deadlines
Noontime Concerts at The Cathedral


Cathedral Life – 2/12/15

“Pa’akai a Malamalama” (Salt and Light) Reflections From the Dean

TDean Brownridge Photo - January 2015his Sunday is both the Last Sunday after Epiphany and thus also the last Sunday before Lent.   The Episcopal Church has also designated the Last Sunday after Epiphany as World Mission Sunday. This week I’d to share with you the significance of this Sunday and what is on the horizon for us as we move into Lent.  To read the Dean’s full message, click on the Cathedral Life link below.


Also in this issue of Cathedral Life,

  • Donations are now being accepted for St. Paul’s Church in Saipan
  • Becoming the Story We Tell – Small Groups Continue in Lent
  • An Update From The Daughters of the King
  • Stewardship University, Saturday, February 28
  • An Interview With Evelyn Lee – Usher Extraordinaire
  • Sunday Adult Formation – Feb. 15, Living Into Our Baptism
  • Welcome Back – Susan Lukens
  • Lent Services and Programs
  • Chrism Mass and Education Day – Saturday, Mar. 21
  • Weekly Worship Schedule
  • Sunday Choral Services
  • Godly Play – The Children’s Gathering on the Square
  • Prayers
  • Noontime Concerts
  • Notes, Reminders and Deadlines

    Cathedral Life 2-12-15

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