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July is School Supplies Collection Month!

July’s Collection of School Supplies for the Children of Kalihi Waena

The children who attend Kalihi Waena are an ethnically diverse set of students. Here are the demographic statistics according to the DOE’s web site (http://arch.k12.hi.us/PDFs/ssir/2014/Honolulu/SSIR123-1.pdf):

52.6% Filipino
17.2% Micronesian
14.6% Samoan
9.2% Native Hawaiian
2.0% Tongan

School SuppliesThat totals nearly 96% of the school population, with a scattering of students representing other ethnic groups with low percentages rounding out the student body. None of the Kalihi Waena students are in the more established ethnic groups in Hawaiʿi such as Japanese and Caucasian. Slightly more than one quarter of the student body (25.6%) is made up of “students with limited English proficiency” which indicates they and their families are probably recent immigrants.

Far more critical than ethnicity is the statistic that 81.6% of students are eligible for “free or reduced-cost lunch.” For educators, that is the most significant statistic because it reveals their families are hard-pressed financially. Families that qualify for free or reduced-cost lunch are under such financial pressure they have trouble meeting the rent, electricity, and cost of food demands each month. In those households, the educational needs of children take a backseat to the daily necessities. That is why educators consider the eligibility for the free and reduced-cost lunch as an indicator that a child (or a whole school) is at risk educationally.

The parents of the students at Kalihi Waena do not have the financial capacity to provide their children with the school supplies on the list. That is why the Cathedral assists the school each year by providing the needed supplies so the students can start the new school year with the tools they need to succeed academically.

Please join the Outreach Committee in gathering enough school supplies during July to enable the Kalihi Waena students to succeed in school year 2015-2016.

– Ann D. Hansen, Retired Student Services Coordinator, Kalihi Waena School annmanoa@hawaii.rr.com

Victory Garden Certification Course

Learn all you need to know to start and maintain an edible garden at your home or community space! This 4-week intensive course will be covering Planning, Getting Started, Managing Pests, and Harvesting. We will be teaching scientifically proven regenerative methods that go beyond organic and promote a healthy soil food web. Beginners to experienced gardeners welcome!

July 6th 1-5pm | PLANNING-site & plant selection, raised beds, choosing containers

July 13th 1-5pm | GETTING STARTED-soil preparation, seed starting & transplanting, composting, wise water use

July 20th 1-5pm | MANAGING PESTS-garden pests, beneficial insects, pest triangle, weeds, diseases

July 27th 1-5pm | HARVESTING-storing fruits & vegetables, garden food safety, seed saving

$60 tuition fee for the entire course but no one will be turned away for lack of funds, contact aloharesiliency@gmail.com for scholarship/barter/worktrade information.

Instructed by Sarah Marie Leone, Oahu Master Gardener, Permaculturist, and Urban Ecosystems Agriculture expert. Completion of all parts required for certification. For more information or to to sign up, email aloharesiliency@gmail.com.

Hosted by St. Andrew’s Emalani Organic Community Garden

Cathedral’s Social Justice Ministry Ka’ala Farms Excursion

Saturday, Jun. 14, 2014, 7:45 am
Meet at St. Andrew’s Cathedral Parking Lot

The St. Andrew’s Cathedral Social Justice Ministry crew invites you to participate in a hands-on all-day excursion to Ka’ala Farms to learn about the significance of doing social justice work specifically in Hawaii. Learn about the Kanaka Ma’oli way of life and help maintain the taro lo’i on the only 100% sustainable farm on Oahu! Lunch will be provided and we ask for a $5-10 donation per person which will go directly to Ka’ala Farms programs with the Wai’anae community.

Come join us on Saturday, June 14th. Meet at St. Andrews parking lot at 7:45 am. We will caravan to the farm in Waianae. The entire event will be from 8:30am – 3pm. RSVP on Facebook (optional) www.facebook.com/events/1459523387618405 or
RSVP via email to Kathryn Xian: kathy.xian@thecathedralofstandrew.org.


The Bread of Life Which Satisfies

A New Ministry Opportunity – Jesus says, “I am the bread of life.”  From the Altar, we’ve experience this “bread from heaven;” a bread freely offered to us, and which satiates a hunger within like nothing else can.  Weekly we gather to worship and receive a fore-taste of that Heavenly Banquet.  As we consume the body of Christ, bit-by-bit we “become what we receive.”  This sacrament works on us.  Transforms us.  We too become bread for the world.

During Lent, I would invite the congregation to continue in this “sacrament of love” (coined by Martin Luther), and extend that feeding of Christ from the Altar out into our neighborhood.  Just as Jesus came to feed the hungry-poor, both body and soul, our baptism commissions us into that same work.  This Lent – in worship, in special speakers like the Rev Martin Smith, in sacred music – we will be fed, body and soul.  In response to God’s gracious love, we are starting (again) a small Sandwich Ministry for the houseless and hungry living near the Cathedral.  We’ve been looking for ways in which God might have us better use the kitchen in Davies Hall – and this ministry is perhaps one more opportunity to do so – especially if it catches on.

For the 6 Sundays during Lent 2014 (starting March 9th), we’re looking for a few people each week to make the 25 sandwiches and assemble the lunch bags after their particular Sunday service.  Later that afternoon, a couple more folks will meet at the Cathedral with Fr. Walter Stevens and/or myself to venture out and distribute the lunch bags nearby.

The Holy Spirit’s been working on many of us to “do something” for the hungry we encounter in our midst.  As you’ve heard the Dean pronounce after the consecration: “The Body of Christ; become what you receive!”  Much like our Lord – we too are invited to feed others!  Please email me if you want to help feed the hungry on one of these Lenten Sundays (susan.sowers@thecathedralofstandrew.org).  There’s also a sign-up sheet under the Aloha Tent.  Also indicate if you would prefer to be on the sandwich-making-team in the kitchen, or distribute the meal that afternoon.  Monetary donations for this ministry are also welcome!

Christ’s Eucharistic life continues in us. We give thanks to God for our lives, and then are shared to feed the world.

Gratefully yours,
Mother Susan…+

Saipan Clothing Drive

Sundays Feb. 16, 23, and March 2
Drop off at Sunday Aloha Hour

SaipanClothingDriveOnce again, your Outreach Committee is collecting gently-used clothing to send to St. Paul’s Saipan. The parishioners there, many of whom are displaced garment workers, either use the clothing or sell it in local swap-meet markets to raise funds for basic necessities. We will accept clothing on the Sundays Feb. 16, 23, and March 2. There will be a collection box each of these Sunday’s under the Aloha Tent. Clothing can also be brought to the office during those weeks. The donated clothing will be blessed on March 2 and shipped to Saipan the following week.

Please contribute only clothing in wearable condition (no missing buttons, tears, or stains), and items suitable for wear in warm climates. Alas, this is not the place to get rid of your old mainland
winter items!

The people of St. Paul’s Saipan are very grateful for our generosity!

Climbing Poetree

On Saturday, February 8th from 7P to 11P at Tenney Theater of St. Andrew’s Cathedral (229 Queen Emma Sq. Honolulu, HI), the dynamic, Brooklyn-based female duo CLIMBING POETREE will grace the stage with their award-winning multimedia production of HURRICANE SEASON. Selected for a month-long run at the world renowned National Black Theater in Harlem with sold-out shows, HURRICANE SEASON is a two woman show that interweaves powerful spoken word poetry, stunning visuals, animation, and a sound collage of music and testimonials to bring forth renewed hope in the face of worldwide globalization. HURRICANE SEASON connects the issues that surfaced in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to the “unnatural disasters” that disenfranchised communities are experiencing nationwide and worldwide on a daily basis. HURRICANE SEASON tackles global warming, environmental injustice, policing, prisons, militarization, corporate domination, gentrification, and displacement as they manifest from one gulf to another, with a powerful tale of resistance, resilience, creativity and survival.

Oahu will experience a special version of HURRICANE SEASON entitled: “Underground Voices TRANSFORMING Unnatural Disaster”, localizing the general theme of the event by integrating local poets and musical guests to address the cross-pollination of “unnatural disasters” amongst Oahu’s Hawaiian and Pacific Islander immigrant communities. Hawaii’s Own include: Singer and Cultural Ambassador – PAULA FUGA; Slam Poetry Group – PACIFIC TONGUES (a.k.a. Youth Speaks Hawaii); and DJ/Emcee/Youth Mentor – SEPH1. The evening will also weave in Climbing Poetree’s special musical guests, LEAH SONG & BIKO of the Atlanta-based music group RISING APPALACHIA.

FACE – Cathedral House Meetings

F.A.C.E. (Faith Action for Community Equity) is a grassroots community-organizing group. The Cathedral of St. Andrew is a member of F.A.C.E. Through the end of January, FACE will be conducting House Meetings in the various member churches and organizations. House Meetings are small group (10-12 people) discussions that focus on the specific issues and concerns of the individual churches or organizations. This listening process is a key component of how FACE chooses the issues that it works on. This work is done by comparing the various notes from the meetings and seeing which issues are of concern for multiple churches in Honolulu.

If you are interested in participating please contact the Dean’s Office.

James Fitzpatrick
Community Organizer, FACE

Cathedral’s Tree of Hope

Giving Gifts to Young Children – Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Outreach Committee invites you to bring a smile to a less fortunate child this Christmas. Please help by placing a wrapped toy, marked infant to 6 year old, under our Tree of Hope. Our Tree of Hope will be in the Narthex of the Cathedral on Sundays December 8th thru December 22nd.


Help needed for Food Distribution to Kalihi Waena School

Saturday, 14 Dec. 9 am

Meet at Kalihi Waena School

As it has for the past several years, the Justice and Outreach Committee will distribute about 2,000 pounds of meat to families of students at Kalihi Waena Elementary School on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013 at about 9 a.m. Distribution will take place at the school, following Kalihi Waena’s annual Christmas Breakfast. We anticipate that at least 200 families will participate in this program, which is jointly sponsored by P&E Foods.

Justice and Outreach Team members helping last year with food distribution to Kalihi Waena School.

Justice and Outreach Team members helping last year with food distribution to Kalihi Waena School.

Kalihi Waena Elementary School serves some of Hawai`i’s most economically disadvantaged students. Some 70 percent of the school’s 560 pupils live below the federal poverty line, and most are very much in need of the high quality protein the Cathedral’s meat distribution provides.

The Cathedral regularly provides support to Kalihi Waena students, including sponsoring an annual drive for school supplies and financial support for students who cannot otherwise afford field trips, in addition to Christmas meat distribution.

We are looking for about 6 8 volunteers to help with the distribution. Volunteers will need to be at the school, 1240 Gulick Ave., at about 8 am to organize the distribution, which will finish about 10 am. Volunteers should contact Elizabeth Conklin, event coordinator,econklin@forth.com, to volunteer or for more information.

A Service of Gratitude for Marriage Equality

2013-Service-of-GratitudeSaturday, 23 Nov 2013 6 pm
St. Andrew’s Cathedral

An interfaith gathering for healing and celebration through prayer, music, and readings

Led by over three dozen clergy, hundreds will gather at St. Andrews Cathedral (229 Queen Emma Square) on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 6 p.m. to give thanks for the passage of SB1, the new law allowing same-gender couples to marry in Hawai’i. The Very Rev. Walter Brownridge, Dean of the Cathedral says, “The Episcopal Diocese of Hawai’i joins Buddhists, Shinto, other Christians, and Unitarian Universalists in both celebrating marriage equality and providing healing to our community after a divisive and sometimes heated special session.”

According to The Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kupono Kwong, minister of the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu, “Religion played a front and center role in this debate. The fact that over 100 religious leaders throughout Hawai’i endorsed marriage equality speaks volumes. We worked hard, we prayed hard, now we’re going to party hard (in a holy way, of course) because religious freedom has triumphed.”

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