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Adult Christian Formation Hour (Aug-Dec 2014)

August 24
Preview EFM program at the Cathedral of St. Andrew

August 31

September 7
MINISTRY FAIR – no class enjoy the fair!

September 14 – October 12
Adam Hamilton: Making Sense of the Bible
The Rev. Adam Hamilton study series is for those who love the Bible and use scripture to help find meaning and purpose for their lives.   In our class, we will use this DVD series to wrestle with difficult issues presented in the Bible while growing deeper in our understanding of both the Old and New Testament authorship, structure and the nature of scripture.

October 19-23
Richard Rohr: Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy
Contemporary theologian, Fr. Richard Rohr, leads us in a five part DVD study series examining and practicing ancient contemplative spirituality as juxtaposed with our modern Christian worship.

October 26
The Dean’s address on Diocesan Convention
Father Walter Brownridge will present an overview of the annual Diocesan convention held on the Cathedral Close October 23-25.

November 2- 23
Richard Rohr: Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy continued.

Nov 30- Dec 21
The Season of Advent: A Different Kind of Christmas

Our forum will journey through the Christmas season pondering why the best gifts don’t come in Christmas stockings. Topics include: 1) the gift of self, 2) a scandalous unlikely way to bring the Messiah, and 3) what would be on Jesus’ Christmas list.

Mark your calendars for the formation conversations that peak your interest.
In pursuit of a growing faith – study and discussion with other Christians is so vital. Our fall program offers a variety of topics that will enable us to discern the roots of our Christian faith, think about Franciscan spirituality, and challenges us to live counter-culturally as we follow Jesus Christ in the world today.

Adult Formation Hour with Fr. Peter Allan, CR

Sunday, 6 Apr. 2014
Von Holt Room
9.20 am – 10.10 am

Allan_smallOur Cathedral Guest Lecturer for the second half of Lent and Holy Week Preacher is The Rev. Peter Allan, CR (Community of the Resurrection) from Mirfield, UK. He is Prior of the Community and Principal of the The College of the Resurrection. It is the only theological college in the Anglican Communion that shares its life with a monastic community. He will focus on how worship, liturgy, and spirituality transform us for Mission as the Body of Christ in the world.

Fr Peter joined the Community of the Resurrection in 1982 after serving in parochial ministry in the dioceses of St Albans and Oxford and as chaplain of Wadham College, Oxford. He studied music at Oxford and theology at the College of the Resurrection. At the College he teaches Moral Theology and Liturgical Music.

His current research centers on the role of the western chant tradition in the articulation of Christian doctrine. He is sub-warden of the Guild of Church Musicians.

Light for our Path from Monastic Wisdom

Sunday Forums in Lent – 9 Mar. to 6 Apr.
9:20 am Light for our Path from Monastic Wisdom
Fr. Smith & Fr. Allan

Light for our Path from Monastic Wisdom

There is a deep current interest in insights from the monastic tradition that can illuminate our spiritual journey today. In three forums, Martin Smith will look at ways in which monastic spirituality can help us with the questions ‘what does it mean to be an authentic person? What kind of human being does the life of the Gospel enable us to become?’

Adult Formation Hour

A Series of Teachings on St. Paul
Sunday Adult Formation Hour
9:20-10:10 am in the Von Holt Room

You are invited to join us for three more weeks of study – as we consider ways to “Love Paul More!” (This 5-week series goes till Lent)

Christians have had a love-hate relationship with St. Paul for over 2,000 years now. If you find yourself wrestling with Paul in the Epistle readings – come and join in the discussion! We will look at some of his controversial issues – such as marriage, women, homosexuality and slavery.

Sunday’s Dean’s Forum – A Thrill of Hope

Sunday, 5 Jan 9:15 am
Von Holt Room

The Christmas and Epiphany Story in Word and Art

Come join us as we explore the Christmas and Epiphany stories from scripture as illustrated by John Augustus Swanson.  Our format for Dec 29th and Jan 5th is to view and discuss several short presentations on these illustrations.  Each painting is engaged theologically by one of the esteemed professors of the Biblical Studies at Chandler’s Divinity School (Emory); such as Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson, Dr. Thomas Long, and Dr. Gail R. O’Day. We have booklets for everyone as we work our way through the various scripture stories in an art form you are sure to find wonderful.  Our forum will be co-led by The Rev. Susan Sowers and Dr. Susan Lukens.

Sunday’s Dean’s Forum – Join us for Adult Christian Formation

BishopFitzparickSunday, 24 Nov. 9:15 am
Von Holt Room

Bishop Fitzpatrick and Diocesan Historian, Stuart Ching, will lead the class to enlighten us with sharing about the story of Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV, our Holy Sovereigns. Please join us as we celebrate this and enjoy the learning.

The Web of Creation

Dean’s Forum
Sunday, 6 Oct 2013 9:15 am
Von Holt Room

Next Sunday’s Adult Education is “The Web of Creation”, and will be presented by Stanley Yon and The Rev. Dan Benedict. All these classes are in the Von Holt Room from 9:15 – 10:10 am.

Dean’s Forum – Kaleidoscope Bible Study

Kaleidoscope Bible Study
Sundays 9:15 am, Von Holt Room

For the Fall and Advent Season, Mother Susan and Susan Lukens will be leading Kaleidoscope lessons, blending this with an in depth study of the Psalms, and ending the season with a “ Journey to Bethlehem.” Come join us for prayer, reflection, and fellowship.

Sept. 22 – 29 Kaleidoscope
Oct. 6 St. Francis Day
Oct. 13 Kaleidoscope
Oct. 20 Intro to the Psalms
Oct. 27 Psalms Orientation
Nov. 3 Psalms Disorientation
Nov. 10 Psalms Reorientation
Nov. 17 Players in the Advent Story
Nov. 24 Feast of the Holy Sovereigns
December Journey to Bethlehem

Come and See—Inviting Seekers and Making Disciples

Notes From Last Sunday’s Dean’s Forum


Image from the baptistery dome of the 5th century Basilica di San Vitale. Photo by Frank McGough.

On Sunday, September 1, members of the Cathedral attended “Come and See—Inviting Seekers and Making Disciples” exploring how the church invites, forms, and initiates men and women into its life in Christ. The event took place at the regular Formation Hour(Dean’s Forum). The session began with Ecumenical Associate, Dan Benedict, reading Aidan Kavanagh’s imaginative story, “A Rite of Passage,”  telling of the initiation of a ten year old boy, Euphemius, baptized in the 4th century. John Condrey, one of the cathedral’s catechists, then led the group in a standard part of catechumenal ministry sessions: lectio divina on John 1:38-42. Rev. Dan Benedict then gave a mini-lecture on the “big picture” of the way the church accompanies seekers and forms them as disciples of Jesus and participants in the reign of God. He focused on four headings: evangelization, formation, initiation, and baptismal living. (See the presentation slides.) He made several points: 1) Christians are both born and made: Born from above (John 3) and formed in a life of discipleship. 2) In a missionary context, adult baptism is the norm and “we are now in a missionary context.” Christendom treated infant baptism as the norm, with formation following baptism in childhood and youth. When adult baptism is the norm, formation needs to come before baptism/initiation. He illustrated with a story about Laura. (See excerpts from CTW). 3) The Episcopal Church authorized and embraced this catechumenal ministry in 1988 and provides the outline for it in The Book of Occasional Services 2003. 4) Emmaus Journey is what we call the catechumenal ministry at the Cathedral of Saint Andrew.

The session concluded with an invitation to participants to pay attention to the Spirit’s promptings. “You know people who are searching. Maybe something is stirring in them and they need a safe place to explore and connect with God,” Benedict said. “Bring them to Emmaus Journey on Sundays at 9:10. Invite them to come and see.” For further details or questions, contact The Rev. Dan Benedict at

Dean’s Forum – He Lei, He Aloha

Sunday, 8 September 9:20 am
Dean’s Forum in the Von Holt Room
He Lei, He Aloha: this is a lei of love

Discussion on the He Lei, He Aloha project.  “He Lei, He Aloha: this is a lei of love,” portrays the legacies of Queen Liliuokalani.  Starting in September 2013 and continuing through March 2014, as part of its 100th anniversary, the Hawaii Library System, including all libraries throughout the islands, will present a program that will celebrate the enduring legacies of Queen Liliuokalani – her music, her love of her homeland, and her complete dedication to the needs of her people.

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