A Community Presence

The Gathering Place – for many people and for many reasons, St. Andrew’s is a Gathering Place not always connected to worship but often connected to the special events of the life of the community and for which the Cathedral opens its doors and provides a special home and maintains a connection. Institutions such as the University of Hawaiʻi, Hawaiʻi Pacific University, the Honolulu Symphony Musicians, the Symphony Chorus, Hawaiʻi Vocal Arts Ensemble find a home for forums and lectures, concerts, performances, and conferences, as do the St. Andrew Schools and ‘Iolani school. The gift of music at the Cathedral by talented and proficient choral and instrumental musicians has been a hallmark of life at the Cathedral since its inception. The tradition of sharing its history and story through tours and participation with its neighbors in cultural events further defines the Cathedral as a significant participant in the life of the community that furthers its mission to spread God’s love through Jesus Christ.

The Heart of the Diocese – St. Andrew’s provides meeting spaces for many Diocesan events, including regional confirmations, ordinations, conventions, Council meetings and workshops.  The Diocese graciously shares expenses of operating the Memorial Building.

The Spiritual Home of the Priory – St. Andrews is the chapel for The St. Andrew Schools, originally founded by Queen Emma in 1862. From their campus on to the Cathedral Close, the students parade to Chapel service in the Cathedral during weekdays and attend special services throughout the school calendar associated with school tradition.

Cathedral Historian and Historical Tours – the Cathedral has its own Historian, who, in concert with the Diocesan Archivist, assists in documenting and preserving history and recording events to serve as a resource for the future as a window into the past. An on-going process of gleaning information and acquiring photographs is often rewarded with treasures worthy of the Archives and are entrusted there for safekeeping. History is shared in the form of regular tours of the Cathedral following the Sunday 10:00 am service and at other times by prior arrangement. With the constant influx of visitors from around the world the tours afford an opportunity to provide an introduction to the rich Anglican heritage introduced to the Islands in the context of the history and culture of Hawaii. In addition, tours are offered to any and all educational institutions and community groups and are customized to their particular interests.

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