Clergy, Staff, and Leadership

The Episcopal Diocese of Hawai‘i

The Right Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick
Bishop of Hawai‘i

The Cathedral of St. Andrew


The Very Rev. Walter B.A. Brownridge

The Rev. Susan R. Sowers
Associate Dean

Program Staff

John Renke
Canon for Music

Administrative Staff

Natasha Dator
Dean’s and Parish Secretary

Karol Nowicki
Administrative Assistant,
for Music Department

Sylvia Pope-Young
Administrative Assistant,
for Calendar Management and Room Reservations

Eric Banaticla

Cathedral Chapter

The Rt. Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick

The Very Rev. Walter B.A. Brownridge

Leianne Lee Loy
Senior Warden

Stanley Yon
Junior Warden

Elizabeth Conklin

Catherine Lowenberg

Class of 2016
Andrew Jackson
Priscilla Millen
Ann Reimers

Class of 2017
Leianne Lee Loy
Paulette Moore
Harry Spiegelberg

Class of 2018
Angela Gough
Richard Harris
Catherine Lowenberg

Diocesan Representatives
Class of 2015: The Rev. Brian Grieves, Ms. Felicidad (“Fely”) Miller
Class of 2016: The Rev. Irene Tanabe, Mr. Steve Mitchell

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