Clergy Reflections

Message from Fr. Moki September 13, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

I’ve been reflecting a great deal lately on how glorious the weather has been here in Honolulu. My greatest delight these days is sitting on my lanai in the evening, watching the terns come home to roost in the shower trees, and enjoying the light tradewinds as the sun goes down and the city lights come up. For me, it’s a spiritual experience and I’m glad I have that kind of touchstone in what I consider a very urban environment.

I would like to thank everyone for responding to our invitation to attend the stewardship dinner sessions that we are offering. I know I will find the insights that we glean from them very valuable as we move forward in mission and ministry. As I mentioned, I will synthesize the findings in my sermon on September 24 and at that time I will inform the congregation what my financial commitment to the Cathedral will be for 2018.

On Monday I had a meeting with Ha’aheo Guanson and in addition to taking the pulpit two Sundays between now and the end of the year, she has also graciously agreed to teach an inquirers’ class for anyone who is interested in the Episcopal Church and/or confirmation and/or reception. Once I confirm our calendar’s availability, I will inform you of the dates.

Please be aware that Bishop Chang’s funeral services will take place here at the Cathedral on Sunday, September 17 at 4:00 PM. Visitation will begin at 2:00 PM and a reception will follow the service under the Diamond Head tent. Because I have asked Bryan to be on the premises for the funeral service itself, he will stay home on Sunday morning which will limit what we will be able to put out for coffee hour. Thank you in advance for understanding.


Message from Fr. Moki, September 6, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

I write after being away on a week’s vacation on the US Mainland and I am glad to be home and back on the Cathedral Square.

Queen Lili`uokalani
I returned home to a wonderful Sunday where we honored Queen Lili`uokalani not only at our 8:00 service, but also with a rousing and stirring Evensong at 5:30PM. The music that Todd put together and the way the choir pulled it off made, what was for me, a deep and profoundly spiritual worship experience that not only honored the Queen, but also gave glory to God. I am extremely pleased with how it all turned out and it was really good to have our choral scholars back with us after their summer hiatus.

Stewardship Listening Sessions
Many of you have received word inviting you to attend one of two listening sessions that I will facilitate to determine how the congregation would like to move forward as stewards (caretakers) of the mission and ministry to which we’ve been entrusted by God. I would like to confirm the dates and times and ask that you please register for one of the sessions:

Wednesday, September 13th at 6:15PM in the Von Holt Room with light supper
Saturday, September 16th at 6:15PM in the Von Holt Room with light supper

Please note that there was confusion about the September 16th offering. It will be on September 16th and not September 17th. September 17th is set aside for services for Bishop Chang.


Message from Fr. Moki, August 16, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

Life is back in full swing after being away for four days in California where I had the chance to have dinner with two of my kid brothers (I have three) and my niece and nephew. For me, that was the highlight of my trip as well as just having the chance to unplug for a few days. I return rejuvenated and excited about moving into the fall.

Prince Albert Commemoration
This coming Sunday we will remember the baptism of Crown Prince Albert at all three services and will have the Societies in attendance at the 8:00 service. I am very much looking forward to the day and to seeing you all at worship.

Talent Show
I’m also excited about the talent show (“An Evening of Song,” see article) in the Von Holt Room on Friday at 7:30. I’ve heard some of the rehearsing from my office and it’s sure to be a great evening. I will be there and hope to see as many of you as are able to attend.

Stewardship Endeavors
Your Stewardship Committee met this week and I am looking forward to implementing the plan we came up with for the fall. It will include two listening sessions on Wednesday, September 13th and Saturday, September 16th, both at 6:15PM in the Von Holt Room with a light supper. We plan to break into small groups of three (listener, responder, and recorder) to elicit from you how the community would like to move forward as we look to the future. I will sum up the findings in a sermon on September 24th at all three services. At that time I will inform the congregation what my financial commitment to the Cathedral will be for 2018. We also have a series of five contemporary epistles planned for the month of October as well as a pre-Feast Day dinner party in Davies Hall at 6:15 PM on Saturday, November 25th.


Message from Fr. Moki, August 2, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

As I write this morning, I’m looking out my window and see a group of tourists on a walking tour who have stopped in front of the Cathedral and are enjoying the sanctuary and the grounds. I’m also looking out onto Queen Emma Square and seeing the kids at the school getting ready to go on a slippery slide. It’s so hot these days that I’m actually tempted to join them! I feel a sense of vibrancy and vitality as I take this all in and it warms my heart that people come onto the Square and feel welcome and at home.

Bishop’s Annual Visit
The first thing I would like to tell you is that Bishop Fitzpatrick will be with us for his annual visit to the Cathedral this Sunday. Please join us for worship and take the opportunity to be with the Bishop and to talk with him during the aloha hour.

Beamer Funeral
We welcomed a great number of people to the Square on Friday when we held funeral services for Uncle Mahi Beamer, one of Hawaii’s legendary musicians and the grandson of the renowned Helen Desha Beamer. On Sunday I pointed out the black kahili on the Ewa side of the sanctuary and that it belongs to Princess Abigail Kawanakakoa. She attended the funeral and sat in the front pew of the Cathedral. It was an honor to have the Princess in our midst.


Message from Fr. Moki, July 26, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

As I look out my window this morning, I see that there are rainclouds in the sky and that it’s going to be a wet day. I find that when the weather is like this, I take the opportunity to pause and the reflect, and as the rain falls from the sky and I look at all that water, I think about the waters of my baptism and who God calls me to be. It also gives me the opportunity to look back on the past seven months. There have, of course, been many challenges. And there have also been many rewards, the biggest reward being the expressions of appreciation and support that I get from many of you throughout the week. It affirms for me that I made the right decision in accepting the Bishop’s invitation to return to our Cathedral and again, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with all of you to carry out God’s mission and ministry for us as a congregation and faith community.

Beamer Funeral
On Friday morning, the Cathedral will hold funeral services for Uncle Mahi Beamer. We are expecting a big crowd and I am honored that we have been asked to take part in this tribute to the life and legacy of Mahi Beamer. As a child I often heard stories of Mahi Beamer’s singing, dancing, and playing the piano. He was a legendary entertainer and I’m glad that during the course of my priestly ministry I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with him.

Acolyte Training
Last week Sunday, Roth offered training for Lay Eucharistic Ministers and this Sunday he will offer training for acolytes. I encourage anyone who feels called to this ministry to attend this training (if you can) so that you can discern whether or not God is calling you to serve in this capacity. Thank you, Roth, for offering this training and making yourself available to conduct it.


Message from Fr. Moki July 19, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

As many of you know, I have been away on Hawai‘i Island to attend the funeral of my grandmother’s sister and I returned to Honolulu late yesterday afternoon. I thank you for your kind words of comfort and your expressions of condolence to my family and me in our time of loss.

As I reported to you last week, on Thursday morning the staff and I closed the office and met to discuss the calendar for the coming year and our various roles, needs, and expectations as we endeavor to serve you as your staff. I think we all left feeling that the session was good and the time well spent. After our meeting, we took Jasmine out to lunch at the Contemporary Art Museum up in Makiki Heights. As you know, Sunday was Jasmine’s last day with us and we send her off to her final year of studies in Connecticut with warm thoughts and best wishes.

On Friday morning, Todd and I met with Ruth Bingham from the Orvis Foundation and she endorsed the draft of our grant proposal, which I will submit later this week. I ask that you keep this particular process in your prayers and that if it is God’s will, that we prevail in our endeavor to receive these funds for the Cathedral’s music program.


Message from Fr. Moki, July 12, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

As I walked to the office this morning and came into the Memorial Building cloister, I saw three white terns swirling in the sky and making their way back to the monkey pod tree above the birdbath. It reminded me of how I talked about the terns in a sermon a few weeks back and how when I see them, I am reminded of the presence of the Holy Spirit as she blesses our mission and ministry as a cathedral congregation. And as we move forward in mission and ministry, I offer the following thoughts, reflections and reports of the past week.

LEM Training & Acolyte Training
Roth Puahala has graciously offered to train Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Acolytes between two Sunday services in July. They will be offered on:

July 23rd at 9:15AM for LEMs
July 30th at 9:15AM for Acolytes

Please note that in order to serve as a LEM, one must be a confirmed communicant in good standing in the Episcopal Church. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions and/or concerns.

Judy Masuda
Judy Masuda, our Altar Guild Chair, just retired from Chaminade University and will take an extended trip to be with family on the Mainland. First of all, I would like to say “Congratulations” to Judy and wish her safe travels and a safe and speedy return to us. While Judy is away, Aunty Tiny Chang has agreed to take the lead on Altar Guild matters and I am very grateful to her as well. The Cathedral is blessed with a truly dedicated Altar Guild.


Message from Fr. Moki, July 5, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

I’d like to start this week’s missive by saying how incredibly moving our worship was this past Sunday. To preach a sermon about the Kimo Henderson Hula with the composer’s granddaughter in the congregation was truly an honor and then to have the song played and the aunties get up and dance – wow. It is something I will never forget. Then to have the Honor Choir USA with us at the 10:30 service and to take in the Battle Hymn of the Republic on the July 4th weekend – incredible.

Jasmine will be preaching the next two Sundays and her last day with us will be Sunday, July 16th. After that she’ll spend some time at home on Hawaii Island and then will head off for her third and final year at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. It has been a real treat to have Jasmine here with us and I appreciate her insights and contributions to the life of the Cathedral this summer.


Message from Jasmine Bostock, Seminarian Intern, June 28, 2017

Dear Cathedral ‘Ohana,

Father Moki asked me to write to you all with some updates on what I have experienced while I have been here. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the warm welcome and encouragement you have given me. The Cathedral is a new church environment for me to get used to, and all of your smiling faces and genuine encouragement have helped it to feel like home. Mahalo.

Last week, I helped Father Moki to plan the Chapter retreat, where we had fruitful discussions about the calendar for the next year, the fountain, and the ways we organize and think about the committees of the Cathedral. In regards to the committees, we organized them under category headings (an acronym of SWEEPS – Stewardship, Worship, Education, Evangelism, Pastoral care, and Service). This allowed us to see where our efforts are, and where we might need to build in ministry. As we went through categorizing in this way, we also looked at the six Hawaiian values from the DOE, using them as a “litmus test” for each of the committees.


Message from Fr. Moki, June 18, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

First of all, I’d like to report an attendance of 198 over four services last weekend, which is a good number for the summer and a holiday weekend. It was nice to see you all and to welcome visitors who came to church.

Since I last wrote to you (on Wednesday last week), my calendar has been full. I have done two home visits with parishioners, which is something I love to do. I’ve also attended various meetings with wardens, officers, staff, vendors, spiritual directees, and constituents of the Cathedral Square (St. Paul’s, St. Peter’s, the Cathedral, the Office of the Bishop, and St. Andrew’s Schools). In the midst of this schedule I have also been mentoring Jasmine Bostock, whom you met on Sunday morning and who is our seminary intern for six weeks before she heads back to Yale Divinity School for her final year of studies.


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