Cathedral Music Staff & Musicians

John Renke, Canon Precentor  and Director of Music


Director of Music John Renke (right) and Music Program Manager Karol Nowicki (left) lead our Cathedral music team.

John is passionate in his various roles as an organist, conductor, composer, liturgist and teacher.  He has held positions in San Francisco Bay Area churches, including Grace Cathedral, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and the National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi, where he founded the internationally acclaimed Schola Cantorum San Francisco  (ScholaSF).  In addition to his Cathedral duties, John continues with ScholaSF as its Director Emeritus. He is also a popular recitalist, performing throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Karol Nowicki,  Music Program Manager

Working directly with Director of Music John Renke, Karol is involved in various facets of the music program including fundraising, donor and sponsor relations, organizing of performances and concerts by Cathedral and non-Cathedral musicians, collaborations with other music organizations, and outreach/education in the community.  He can be reached at

Choral Scholars

At the core of the Cathedral Choir are our eight Choral Scholars.  These professional-level singers include university students, government workers, and private entrepreneurs.  Some hold advanced degrees in music, and all are experienced in various aspects of singing including opera theater, musicals, symphony chorus, and numerous choral ensembles in Hawaii and beyond.  The Choral Scholars are involved not only in singing at services and concerts throughout the year, but also with liturgy, music development, and fundraising.  A major supporter of the Cathedral’s Choral Scholar Program is The Arthur and Mae Orvis Foundation to which we are deeply and sincerely grateful.

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