Cathedral Finances

The Cathedral of St. Andrew has three primary sources of funding for our vision of “a world healed and reconciled to God in Christ Jesus:”

  • Pledges and donations from Cathedral members and visitors
  • An endowment funded by grants and bequests from individuals and foundations
  • Revenues from the use of our facilities. The latter represents “Queen Emma’s blessing,” the revenue from our facilities that supports not only their upkeep, which is costly, but also a significant part of our program.


Our 2014 expense budget is allocated as follows:


About 60% of the Cathedral’s revenues are directed toward Program Services, including diocesan support, ministry and music, and community outreach. We spend about 25% of our budget maintaining our historic facilities, Queen Emma’s heritage, and 19% on non-Program staff and office (“General and Administrative”) expenses.

In addition, the Cathedral also receives support from the St. Andrew’s Cathedral Foundation, a separate tax exempt, charitable organization whose primary purpose is to support the maintenance, repair and improvement of the Cathedral’s buildings and grounds.

Submitted by Elizabeth R. Conklin, Treasurer

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