Caring for Each Other

Like all other parishes, the Cathedral is a mix of volunteers whose dedication to liturgy allows all who come to worship to know instantly that they are in the presence of their spiritual home.  The time honored elements of Worship, including music, Formation, and Pastoral Care, are all here along with the people who make it happen consistently, certainly, predictably, and with style, enthusiasm and love.

Pastoral Care

In addition to its ministry of being Eucharistic Visitors, the Pastoral Care team provides transportation to church services or medical appointments, telephoning, sending greeting cards to shut-ins and the hospitalized as on-going activities. A remembrance in the form of a small gift basket or plant is delivered to each of the home-bound during the Christmas and Easter Seasons.


In the past two years, the congregation has had an ever increasing commitment to active evangelism with recent efforts on maintaining a social media presence through a web site, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, and electronic newsletters. Current focus is on tracking and incorporating newcomers into the life and ministries of the Cathedral.


Hospitality is less a task when it is a way of living our lives. It begins with gratitude to God and is cultivated over a lifetime. It emerges from a willingness to make time and space for others. Hebrews 13:2 reminds us not to: “forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” It could be argued that hospitality – the welcoming of strangers – is the quintessential Christian practice. The Cathedral’s Hospitality Ministry Team is a vibrant, diversified group of men, women and youth from all walks of life, who, by giving the gift of hospitality, enable guests to find that there is room in our church for them, especially in the lives of the members of the church. The team regularly offers visitors, guests and members, hospitality by means of cooking and serving meals, creating welcoming environments for newcomers and strangers and a safe place and room for friendships to grow…a place where weary and lonely people can be restored to life. Whether it is a grand event, filled with many food selections, glorious decorations and fine music or the simple task of offering sojourners a place of rest, a cup of tea and an opportunity to share their stories, this group cultivates a countercultural identity that nurtures a distinct way of life and strong commitment to welcome. They do not insist on quick evidences of success, but rather, understand the value of small acts of grace. Offering hospitality requires both courage and humility. Through it we hope to understand much of the Gospel and a practice by which we can welcome Jesus himself.

The Hospitality Committee prepares for the Sunday “Aloha Hour” receptions after the 8:00 and 10:30 am services, special and one-time events, outreach, and Hawai‘ian commemorative Sundays. They purchase supplies and food, in addition to arranging for setup and cleanup.

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